Galaxy Note 10 Lite makes Samsung’s “wall” stronger than any opponent

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Never before has the smartphone market been so diverse. In the low and mid-range segment, small technology companies continuously increase their product models and compete fiercely with market share with large companies like Samsung, currently the world’s smartphone king in terms of market share. data of IDC and Counterpoint). Despite this, in the high-end segment, Samsung and Apple are still the clear leaders when only these two companies hold 85% of the industry’s profit, the remaining 15% is divided equally among all companies. other (figures from Counterpoint).

High-end segment – the final battle of the smartphone village

Presence in the high-end segment is a must if you want to continue to exist in the period when worldwide smartphone sales go into saturation stage. By the high-end segment, smartphone companies will find profit, enhance brand value and thereby prove the high-end features really needed for users. That is why more and more technology companies are seeking to launch high-end products, with increasing prices to fight the “stronghold” of these big companies.

Samsung, on the other hand, still understands even when its flagships are selling very well, with a loyal customer base. Especially for fans of the Galaxy Note series – has long been considered the most loyal smartphone user group because they are attracted to the great features only on the Galaxy Note series. One of them is the powerful S Pen. The S Pen combined with a large screen, powerful configuration for great multitasking is very addictive. Over time, Samsung is aiming to expand its S Pen loyalty group to a younger age, by creating new and typical Lite products, such as the Galaxy Note10 Lite.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite làm bức tường thành của Samsung trở nên vững chắc hơn trước mọi đối thủ - Ảnh 1.

The S Pen stylus touch is always a special highlight that makes smartphone users in general and Galaxy Note fans in particular fascinated.

Bring the S Pen experience to young people

Realizing that the demand for stylus for young phones is huge, Samsung immediately launched the Galaxy Note10 Lite with advanced features, the most prominent being the S Pen, the pen that made a name for itself. of the Note series with the latest touchless control features. The 6.7-inch SuperAMOLED Infinity-O display is rated by DisplayMate as the best quality available today (and will certainly create a trend of design for the whole 2020). Not just a technological accessory, the Galaxy Note series or the newly launched Galaxy Note10 Lite also aims to become a multi-talented assistant for users on the New Year.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite làm bức tường thành của Samsung trở nên vững chắc hơn trước mọi đối thủ - Ảnh 2.

With the advantage of being the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED screens for smartphones, Samsung applies that right to the Galaxy Note10 Lite.

Besides remote control of the phone, the S Pen on Galaxy Note10 Lite also maximizes user work such as taking notes on the off screen, converting handwriting to text, editing, taking notes directly. on file and share quickly with colleagues. Even editing and adding effects to photos and videos becomes easier and more impressive than ever when operating with the S Pen, something that smartphones of the same segment can hardly do.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite làm bức tường thành của Samsung trở nên vững chắc hơn trước mọi đối thủ - Ảnh 3.

Possessing a famous set of 3 cameras of the Galaxy Note series, accompanied by a very “huge” battery capacity, up to 4,500 mAh makes the Galaxy Note10 Lite the best value for money smartphone in early 2020.

Pave the way for a premium experience

In order to compete with major technology companies like Samsung in the thousand-dollar segment, other smartphone companies cannot immediately launch “same-class” products, they will have to move forward slowly, with prices. more and more advanced for consumers to gradually accept. Obviously, this is an unequal battle when Samsung, the technology giant with the highest smartphone market share in the world, has the strategies and great potential. With a better selection of features and prices for an entirely new product, Samsung’s selection of phones is increasingly diverse and meets all price segments.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite làm bức tường thành của Samsung trở nên vững chắc hơn trước mọi đối thủ - Ảnh 4.

High-end Galaxy A smartphones (such as Galaxy A71, Galaxy A80) are for those who want to upgrade “lightly”, while Galaxy Note10 Lite will be a bigger step, but users will not have to pay “thousands” for cover unique S Pen experience. Galaxy Note10 Lite will help users to “get acquainted” with advanced Samsung features, so that they can upgrade to the most advanced S or Note10 series easily. To break through these two layers of tight defense, fearing that the opponents will still take a lot of time, especially in the current context – when Samsung is really transforming itself to maintain the “throne”. smartphone village “in the next 10 years – according to Samsung CEO DJ Mr. Koh shared.

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