Galaxy A12 deserves the title of “multi-talented”, you can do anything to prove beneficial

Tram Ho

Although it is cheap compared to most other smartphones in the same market segment, but this does not turn the Galaxy A12 into a “normal” item, on the contrary, it is a smartphone that can do. everything for a general user.

Indeed, calling the Galaxy A12 “multi-talented” is not wrong because the machine meets almost everything that a user needs in a smartphone.

Youthful design, certainly no less luxurious

As a cheap smartphone product line of Samsung, Galaxy A12 has a design of the back and the frame is completely made from solid plastic material. A special feature of this design is that Samsung has given users a machine with a rough back instead of a glossy plastic back like many other product lines in the same segment.

Galaxy A12 xứng danh kẻ đa tài, làm gì cũng tỏ ra lợi hại - Ảnh 1.

Solid design, trendy colors

With the Galaxy A12, the device proved to be superior in terms of design thanks to this rough back. If other smartphones in the same price range mostly use glossy plastic backs, causing a feeling of insecure creaking and easy to sweat fingerprints, this is completely not happening on Galaxy A12. . The matte back design and diagonal stripe pattern of the Galaxy A12 make this machine become sturdy, hold firmly and much more beautiful.

Galaxy A12 xứng danh kẻ đa tài, làm gì cũng tỏ ra lợi hại - Ảnh 2.

The Galaxy A12’s quartet of great cameras produces perfect color photos

Quality camera cluster, inheriting the best features from Galaxy A51

Besides the advantages of design, another outstanding advantage that the Galaxy A12 shows very well, is the camera performance. The device is equipped with a cluster of 4 main cameras including: a 48MP f / 2.0 wide-angle camera, a 5MP f / 2.2 ultra-wide-angle camera with a 123-degree field of view, a 2MP f / 2.4 macro camera and a 2MP f / depth camera. /2.4. The camera on the Galaxy A12 inherits almost completely the advantages of the Galaxy A51 – Samsung’s best-selling mid-range smartphone in the past year.

Specifically, as stated above, Galaxy A12 has both a 48MP high-resolution wide-angle camera, super wide-angle camera and macro close-up camera, all of the “hot” features. currently on the Galaxy A51 has now been brought down by Samsung Galaxy A12. With this camera cluster, users can completely do everything, capture a variety of types of photography such as landscapes, portraits, streets and especially the ability to take extremely hot macro photography among young people. Feel free to create “quality” and “virtual live” pictures on social networks.

Galaxy A12 xứng danh kẻ đa tài, làm gì cũng tỏ ra lợi hại - Ảnh 3.

Galaxy A12 is also equipped with macro camera for close-ups

Enough performance, smooth game play, and extremely buffalo battery

Galaxy A12 is a sub-segment of less than 5 million dong, and the performance of the device is surprising when it is equipped with MT6765 octa-core processor. Galaxy A12 gives a smooth and stable user experience, even can play today’s hot games such as League of Legends: Speed ​​Chien, Lien Quan, PUBG Mobile at medium to low graphics levels but still have FPS is stable, partly thanks to the One UI interface optimized for Samsung devices.

Galaxy A12 xứng danh kẻ đa tài, làm gì cũng tỏ ra lợi hại - Ảnh 4.

Enjoy all-day battle with a huge battery of up to 5,000 mAh

Performance is enough, but there is another factor that surely mobile gamers love in the Galaxy A12, which is battery life. Galaxy A12 is equipped with a battery with a capacity of up to 5000mAh, one of the great battery capacities in the cheap segment of this machine, plus the optimization of One UI, Galaxy A12 will certainly not do them. We are disappointed with the battery life of the device, comfortably plowing rank all day without worry.

Not to mention the Galaxy A12 also supports 15W fast charging with the fast charger included in the box, fully recharging the machine at any time to not interrupt the experience of using the device.

Galaxy A12 – Gift suitable for the new year

With a price of less than 5 million VND, users can hardly find a smartphone that can do all kinds of things like Galaxy A12: both beautiful design, quality camera and terrible battery life. Indeed, calling Galaxy A12 “multi-talented” is not wrong, the price is both cheap and can do many things that not all smartphones can do.

Galaxy A12 xứng danh kẻ đa tài, làm gì cũng tỏ ra lợi hại - Ảnh 5.

This Tet holiday is the time when the shopping needs of users increase strongly, so Galaxy A12 is definitely a suitable gift for loved ones on the occasion of the Spring New Year, especially the upcoming Valentine’s Valentine’s Day. Come here!

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