Future iPhone models will have a thinner box due to the absence of headphones and chargers

Tram Ho

In a new post posted on Twitter, leakster @ L0vetodream has once again confirmed rumors that Apple will not be offering the charger and EarPods headset for the upcoming iPhone 12 product line, as well as iPhone SE 2020 was introduced in April.


In addition, this person also shared that the future iPhone containers will be redesigned by Apple, making them look slimmer and more refined. In addition, the “new” boxes also help Apple to cut production costs, transportation costs and minimize the amount of waste that affects the environment.

Not only @ L0vetodream, but in recent times, there have been quite a lot of analysts predicting that Apple will not include a charger and EarPods for iPhone 12. The main purpose is to cut costs, thereby bring to users new iPhone models that are priced not too much different from the previous generation.

Các mẫu iPhone trong tương lai sẽ có hộp mỏng hơn do không còn tai nghe và củ sạc - Ảnh 2.

According to some sources, Apple will launch a 20W USB-C fast charger along with the iPhone 12 line, but will sell it as a separate accessory, and stop producing existing 5W and 18W chargers later this year.

The new 20W charger will still have the same design and appearance as the 18W version, using the USB-C connector and the PD fast charging standard. Like @ L0vetodream , Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo also hopes that Apple will stop selling the 5W charger with the 2020 iPhone SE later this year.

Các mẫu iPhone trong tương lai sẽ có hộp mỏng hơn do không còn tai nghe và củ sạc - Ảnh 3.

As expected, Apple will launch 4 new iPhone models later this year, including iPhone 12 with 5.4 inch screen, iPhone 12 Max 6.1 inch, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 inch and iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7 inch screen.

All four phones are powered by Apple’s latest A14 processors. However, two low-cost iPhone models, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max, will not support 5G, only dual cameras on the back. Meanwhile, the two more advanced models will be added with 5G network connectivity, using an OLED screen and has the same LiDAR sensor as on the iPad Pro 2020.

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