Funny, the IT industry will be different!

Tram Ho

I. Opening

Sorry guys, this title is just a joke.

But even if not humor will change the IT industry, but humor will change the way you look at your work, as well as how your loved ones look at the IT industry, where you are work.

I recently read the book "A little funny, the world will be different". Combining with my own experiences in the process of working and managing projects, I want to share with you the lessons and directions to apply humor in the most effective way; to provide an interesting working environment for members on the team, as well as for yourself.

I am not a humorous person at the moment, I have not become a humorous person yet, but I have only been searching on that road. So my comments in the article may have many things wrong, hope you enthusiastically comment.

Let's start now.

II. Characteristics of IT industry – Where need the most humor

2.1 Dryness

Working with numbers, algorithms, formulas, lines of code, charts, schedule … etc., is not considered to be dry, it is a bit wasteful.

I don't marry an IT husband
The code is tired all night
At midnight we are sleeping
Startled, he asked, "Where's the bug?"

I don't marry an IT husband.
Big head and eyes, cool face
Throughout the day fix bugs and bug fixes
What a good long time to be good.

I don't marry an IT husband
Romance is not, hard-headed
Plug in algorithms and algorithms
All day bewildered, sad.

In the past, the girl I used to know was also very vigilant:

"I see someone who loves your friend makes IT irritable and stressful."

Fortunately, the following sentence is not:

"You glide away for its water in" ?

2.2 OT is inevitable

The causes and consequences of the OT I have presented in detail in the following articles, please consult.

Discussion, or little thinking about OT (Overtime)

The difference between SE and BrSE before the big workload

In such stressful and exhausting circumstances, the lack of humor is easy to lead to conflicts, quarrels and blame on the team.

2.3 When incidents occur, the consequences are often very serious and the scope of influence is large

In the article The difference between SE and BrSE before the big workload I also mentioned this problem. Programming is not only difficult, but the responsibility of that job is still great. QA is no exception. Let a bug leak out, thousands of thousands, even millions of users affected. Information security risks are also great, affecting both companies and customers.

At times when the problem occurs, if not cleverly using humor, the manager is more likely to put heavy pressure and psychological burden on his member.

Creating an environment where people feel "safe", daring to say that problems exist or the risk of making mistakes is very difficult to keep on being rigid and mechanical.

2.4 Long battle between Dev and QA

Yes, always, not only is stressful work, but collaborative work is sometimes a stress. Cooperation but like fighting.

This struggle is necessary to ensure a product when marketed is of high quality. But fighting is always hurt.

QA: Note the code so bad! Didn't test back and forth before switching over?
Dev: Do QA without understanding the spec, read it carefully then catch bug!

Such kind of sayings must surely have been heard in many IT environments. Whether it was accidentally or deliberately, it touched the self-esteem of colleagues, hurting that person.

Later on, even though the cooperation continued to be in a state of "By face but not satisfied", it greatly affected the teamwork in the project.

2.5 Sit and work long before the computer

This is a problem for general office people, but the most typical for the IT industry, where all jobs are tied to computer screens. A lot of vision makes your eyesight decrease, sore eyes, headaches, etc., easily lead to irritability and unintentional words that harm the relationship in the team.


A place of stress; Quality guaranteed by fighting and teamwork ability.

A place of dryness, of people suffering from the dryness that makes them unable to be wet; The conflict is very explosive if the manager is not skilled enough to handle.

So the role of HARMONY is really important.

Why do I affirm that? And how to have humor and apply it to projects, invite you to proceed to the next section.

III. The meaning of Humor

In the example I gave above. Instead of the conversation is:

QA: Note the code so bad! Didn't test back and forth before switching over?
Dev: Do QA without understanding the spec, read it carefully then catch bug!


QA: Did you challenge my test? Hide new features to give customers.
Dev: What do you dare to hide, is the customer he hid in the spec, do you read this place to see if I understand correctly?

So everything was much softer. QA considers it a bug but witty calls it a feature to remind dev to fix. Dev knows that QA forgot to read the spec but cleverly pushed the error to intentional customers hiding the location.

In this case, if QA says it in the first way, it will suddenly be revoked, I have just been peeled off, just offended to the dev because of the level of dev. In fact, project spec can change often, sometimes people may forget to read the latest version, or read it, they don't understand exactly. So if you say it like the first way, sometimes Dev will get the wrong idea of ​​understanding the idea. The second way is both gentle and safe, keeping the air for both sides.

This is just an example between Dev and QA, if Manager is even more focused.

Because each Manager's statement not only shows the member-to-member relationship in the team, it also shows the appreciation, influence on the person's economic interests and position. The more stressful, the more people fear and pressure, not get close and share with their mind managers and sincere opinions.

In times of stress, sometimes just a funny statement, also dispels the heavy atmosphere, bringing motivation to everyone.

Funny as a lubricant that helps every part of the machine work more smoothly and smoothly.

However, to become a real humor, we must understand and avoid the misconceptions about humor.

IV. Misunderstandings about humor

4.1 Must be new and funny

It is true that humor is a way of seeing things things intelligently, subtly and witfully. However, this is a learned skill, no one has innate blood and humor in him.

Each person has a different situation, people with better conditions often have mild psychology so their humor is easier. On the contrary, those who experience difficulties and storms but still see the joy and optimism in their life, their humor is much more profound and profound.

4.2 Rude, crude is also a funny way

Humor has absolutely nothing to do with talking, talking, talking about sensitive issues abcxyz.

Many people go on bashing you, I read, fuck, scratch … etc; then said sensitive things that made people blush; thought that it was fun, comedy. But in fact it is only a manifestation of bamboo, mystery and slightly lack of culture. The more you use, the more images you lose in the eyes of others.

4.3 It's okay to joke about others' shortcomings

There are many ways to have fun with humor, but should limit talking about the weaknesses of the opponent. Friends should be limited, the unmarried person must be more moderate. Because although not intentionally, it is easy to be misunderstood and affectionate by the other person.

V. Conditions to become humorous

5.1 There should be the right mindset about humor

If you're a funny person already, congratulations. I am very GATO because you are the one who gives others the gentle and lovely relaxation moments.

However, from someone who is not funny, to be a funny person, you should have a proper mindset about humor. As I said above, each person, every situation will have or does not have, will be aware of humor very differently.

Another thing is a sincere "desire" to become a humorous person. ^^

5.2 Be aware of things in a more interesting perspective

In the example above, just by looking at the bug as a feature, QA has resolved any risk of conflict.

Sad is also a day, happy is also a day. Whatever it has to pass. Why don't you choose to see it as a joy?

5.3 Must be open and tolerant

"The sea surface is wide and wide, the ground is wide, so it is full of life, the sky is wide, so it is clear in green; then people should also be more generous because of their generosity. ”

Only generous, people stand at many angles to see the problem. It is possible to calmly find the comedy in each story instead of taking care of the philosophy of the enemy … etc

Moreover tolerance is also free for yourself. From the yard, the desire and avoid letting them make you hurt others.

5.4 Must be hard to learn, read and improve

Experience, qualified, qualified is a prerequisite for you to be tolerant and generous with others. It is also a condition for you to understand the poignant humorous jokes.

"The weak can never forgive others. Altruism is the characteristic of the strong "
-Mahatma Gandhi-

5.5 All members must be respected and acknowledged

Respecting people is a prerequisite to avoid joking around with other people's shortcomings, avoiding talking, talking and indiscriminate swearing.

The concession without victory helps the mind to be calm and brighter to recognize interesting points in all circumstances. Yielding is also a characteristic of someone who is more confident and strong.

VI. Conclusion

The article may be very long, but in short, I only wish people and myself have a more open and open perspective; to be able to put humor into each project, making colleagues working with me feel more gentle, relaxed and happy.

Each project goes by, sad is also a project, stress is also a project, gentle fun is also a project. The choice of what stays with you and each person who has worked with you is yours.

Wish you all become funny people soon!

PS: But it's not easy at all

Here are some funny words in the IT industry, please consult!

If IE dares to ask you to set it as the default browser
Then you have no reason to bravely speak to the girl you like.

"I want to slow down a bit," she said
So he updated her Iphone to the latest iOS version.

Computers are stupid machines, can do very smart things
Programmers are smart people, can do extremely stupid things
-Bill Bryson-

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