Fugaku, the new Japanese supercomputer Covid-19 war as a manga hero: the new power reaches 1/6 which has been 8 times more than its predecessor.

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Fugaku, siêu máy tính mới của Nhật chiến Covid-19 như anh hùng manga: sức mạnh mới đạt 1/6 mà đã hơn người tiền nhiệm 8 lần - Ảnh 1.

Japan is taking advantage of the power of the latest supercomputer it has just built to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Although this machine is not complete, but the boot schedule has been pushed up to a year early to meet urgent needs.

All countries around the world are trying to find a cure for SARS-CoV-2 virus, many names have appeared but no drug has been considered effective. In the time of trial – many types of drugs to see what is the “panacea” cure, people look to the power of supercomputers.

The “artificial brain” of the Japanese named Fugaku, is the descendant of supercomputer “K computer”, once a machine with the fastest computing speed in the world. Fugaku is currently located at the Riken lab in Kobe, and although it is only one-sixth the power, Fugaku’s computing power is already eight times K and will increase in the future.

The simulations created by Fugaku are an effective new drug finder. Professor Yasushi Okuno from Kyoto University will be the one behind the research to find a chemical combination that can defeat Covid-19. Their job will be to determine exactly how the drug affects the virus at the molecular level, their original goal is to find one (or more) effective Covid-19 remedy in a combination of 2,000 drugs. There are drugs, including those in the testing process.

Professor Okuno commented that they will have results in about a month.

According to Nikkei

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