From bunkers for “doomsday” to privately owned islands, the rich are avoiding translating “burning money” in ways.

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The bunker took the throne

Rising S is a company producing underground tunnels and bomb shelters. The company’s revenue has now quadrupled compared to the same period last year. Different from the tragic situation of many businesses, large and small around the world, Rising S is benefiting from the global Covid-19 pandemic.

As a US-based company, CEO Clyde Scott said he received calls from around the world, including customers in countries that Scott had never served like Croatia. According to the CEO, the average cost to build a bunker that customers are preferred cost $ 150,000.

Since the outbreak last year in China, the world has had nearly 600,000 people infected with the corona virus. It caused billions of people to be quarantined or restricted to go out to prevent the disease from spreading. Outbreak in China but now, the US is the largest outbreak in the world.

Từ boongke dành cho ngày tận thế tới những hòn đảo thuộc sở hữu tư nhân, giới nhà giàu đang tránh dịch theo những cách đốt tiền - Ảnh 1.

Larry Hall, leader of Survival Condo – another bunker manufacturing company in the US, also said that the company’s sales increased sharply due to disease outbreak. Currently, many people are able to buy the bunkers that the company provides.

In the past, we often had to bring people around to visit to be able to sell. Now, customers are rushing in and choosing quickly, like they desperately need them ,” Hall said. .

Despite receiving calls from around the world, including the Middle East, East Asia or Europe, most of Hall’s customers are American. They are people who work in a variety of industries, including doctors, engineers or technology experts.

The unit price for a bunker ranges from $ 500,000 to $ 2.4 million. They are not like apocalyptic shelters but an inviolable resort with an indoor pool, a gym or even climbing walls.

Secluded island in the middle of the expensive sea

However, bunkers are not the only option. Some people choose to buy islands in the ocean to avoid the virus and enjoy an open space rather than burrowing underground. The private island of Gladden is an example. Located off the Caribbean coast of Belize, the island is special because it’s completely private, said Chris Krolow, business director of Private Islands.

Waiters lived on another small island nearby. When needed, people will contact by light to notify. ” This is probably the safest place on the planet for those who want to hide this terrible virus strain because it is located nearly 40 km off shore and on a reef, ” Krolow described. However, to rent this island, 2 people need to spend 2,950 USD / night.

Từ boongke dành cho ngày tận thế tới những hòn đảo thuộc sở hữu tư nhân, giới nhà giàu đang tránh dịch theo những cách đốt tiền - Ảnh 2.

Another location in the Caribbean is the Blue Island of the Bahamas. It has its own runway, so it gets the attention of those who own individual aircraft. This island costs $ 70 million.

Krolow also said he received many calls last week from people with yachts, traveling around the islands trying to find a safe place to stop and be willing to pay.

Airplanes and yachts are preferred

Personal jets and yachts are also a favorite tool for avoiding the epidemic of the super-rich. Jonathan Beckett, CEO Burgess Yachts, said many people are deciding to stay at sea to avoid the epidemic. 4-week or 7-week tours have also been designed to help families float in epidemic oceans.

On the yacht, children not only study at home, but also cook with chefs on board and spend time in the engine room to learn more about other aspects of the yacht.

Từ boongke dành cho ngày tận thế tới những hòn đảo thuộc sở hữu tư nhân, giới nhà giàu đang tránh dịch theo những cách đốt tiền - Ảnh 3.

Meanwhile, Christopher Williams-Martin, CEO FlyEliteJets, said the business was more favorable from February 14. At that time, there was a rumor about something quite large that would impact commercial flights. Williams-Martin said his company started receiving calls from customers, including many former Ambassadors.

However, two weeks ago, Martin realized the demand for travel increased sharply, 30 times higher than normal. Instead of taking artists on tour, businessmen doing business, it was a request from those who wanted to return home before the border was blocked.

According to Martin, the demand for this service is skyrocketing. Currently, there are 300 people book flights in 3-4 days period. The fact that commercial airlines are unable to conduct service operations because the spread of disease means that what private carriers offer no longer means too expensive to use.

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