From April 15, 2020, sharing false information on Facebook can be fined up to VND 20 million

Tram Ho

Reporter: Decree No. 15/2020 has any new provisions on penalties for Facebook users to commit illegal acts, lawyer?

Lawyer Pham Thanh Huu: This is the first time at the Decree level, the Government has reserved a Article (Article 101) to clearly and specifically stipulate the sanctioning of violations regarding the responsibility of using social network services. Assembly (Facebook, Lotus, Twitter …).

Từ 15/4/2020, share tin sai sự thật trên Facebook có thể bị phạt đến 20 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, a fine of from VND 10 million to VND 20 million shall be imposed on an organization and VND 5 million to VND 10 million on an individual if abusing social networks to commit one of the following acts:

– Firstly, providing and sharing fake information, untruthful information, misrepresenting, slandering, insulting the reputation of agencies, organizations, honor and dignity of individuals.

– Secondly, providing and sharing information promoting the customs, superstition, superstition, obscenity, depravity, not in accordance with the nation’s fine traditions and customs.

– Thirdly, providing and sharing information describing meticulous actions of slashing, killing, accidents, horror and horror.

– Fourthly, providing and sharing fabricated information, causing confusion among the People, inciting violence, crimes, social evils, gambling or serving gambling.

– Fifth, providing, sharing press works, literature, art, publications without the consent of the intellectual property right holder or not yet allowed to circulate or having issued a ban circulated or confiscated.

– Sixthly, advertising, propagating and sharing information about prohibited goods and services.

– Seventhly, providing and sharing images of Vietnam map but not showing or improperly displaying the national sovereignty.

– Eighth, providing and sharing links to information on the network with prohibited content.

A fine of from VND 20 million to VND 30 million shall be imposed upon an organization, VND 10 million to VND 15 million upon an individual who discloses information in the list of state secrets, personal privacy secrets and secrets. other secret but not to the extent of being examined for penal liability.

At the same time, individuals and organizations are forced to remove false or misleading information or information violating the law due to committing acts of violation specified above.

Reporter: How do lawyers assess this new regulation?

Lawyer Pham Thanh Huu: With this new regulation, it will ensure sufficient deterrence, creating a clear legal basis for competent State agencies to sanction those who abuse social networks to commit violations. law. From there, protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organizations.

Reporter: Do lawyers have any advice for people using social networks today to avoid being punished?

Lawyer Pham Thanh Huu: First of all, social network users need to be aware of the above prohibition rules so as not to violate. Note, can not deny the positive aspects of social networking; However, on the social network, there are still bad news, false, fabricated, distorted … affecting the legitimate rights and interests of others; If people share this information, it’s like “abetting the bad guys” and will be punished.

Therefore, when using social networks, people need to be responsible to the community and society; avoid reading unread content, sharing bad information, affecting the legitimate rights and interests of others, causing confusion for the People.

Reporter: Yes, thank you lawyer!

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Source : Genk