From 4/2020, the law prohibits players from trading accounts and game items

Tram Ho

Recently, the Government has issued Decree 15/2020 on penalties for administrative violations in the fields of post, telecommunications, radio frequency, information technology and electronic transactions. The decree began to be implemented on April 15, 2020.

Từ 4/2020, pháp luật cấm người chơi mua bán tài khoản, vật phẩm game - Ảnh 1.

Since April 15, the acts of trading accounts and in-game items are against the law

Here, invite you to a specific level of fines related to video games:

Sanctioning form with the player

* Caution for the act of incorrect registration of personal information when playing G1 electronic games (games with interaction between many people, through the server system of the enterprise).

* A fine of from VND 600,000 to VND 1 million shall be imposed for failure to comply with regulations on management of playing hours at public gaming centers.

* A fine of 2-3 million VND for one of the following acts

– Taking advantage of electronic games to commit acts of law violation, disorder, social safety and national security.

– Buy and sell virtual items or virtual units or bonus points

A number of sanctions against online game service providers

* A fine of between VND 30-40 million for the provision of G1 video game service with script content, images and sounds causing horrors, horror, inciting violence, animalism, eroticism suggestive, obscene, and depraved, contrary to Vietnam’s fine traditions and customs, undermining historical traditions, distorting, slandering, insulting the prestige of an organization, insulting the honor and dignity of individuals ; depicts acts of suicide, drug use, drinking, smoking, terrorism, mistreatment, abuse, child trafficking, gambling and other prohibited prohibited acts.

* A fine of between VND 170-200 million for one of the following acts:

– Redeem virtual items, virtual units, reward points into cash or payment cards or coupons or items of value valid for transactions outside a video game in any form

Creation of virtual items, virtual units, bonus points in electronic games inconsistently with content, scenario of electronic games being

Providing G1 electronic game services with information and images infringing upon national sovereignty; offending people, celebrities, and national heroes, not seriously enough to be examined for penal liability.

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