Free opportunity to acquire programming knowledge from Harvard University

Tram Ho

Harvard University is offering more than 60 free data science courses, programming, social sciences, anthropology, health and the arts . These courses normally cost from $ 150 to more than $ 2000.

Data science

-Use Python to study:
-Added about R:
-Data visualization:
-Machine learning:
-Linear regression:
-Dimensional analysis of data:
-Authorize AI with Python:


-Information Game programming:
-Developing mobile applications with React Native:
-Web programming with Python and Javascript:



-Understand Buddhism through the suttas:
-Restore through the suttas:
-The art of essay writing and public speaking:
– Justice:
-China contemporary:


Social science

– Children’s theory and practice:



-Application of scientific principles in elite cooking (haute cuisine):
-Import of Neuroscience (3 parts):
-Energy industry and environmental impacts:
-Weather science:



– Lesson from Ebola – How to prevent global epidemic?
-The controversy about FDA and prescription drug:
-Improve the quality of public health:
-Exercise of climate change on human health:



-Opera 18th century (Handel & Mozart):
-Opera 19th century (Meyerbeer, Wagner & Verdi):
– Ancient Egyptian art and archeology through the Pyramids of Giza:


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Source : Techtalk