FPT Telecom brings to Security World 2020 a solution for Big Data – network security and security

Tram Ho

A representative of FPT Telecom participated in the seminar and was a speaker with the topic: “Solutions to use Big-Data to protect Internet users from malicious websites”.

This year, Security World 2020 will focus on the theme: “Orientation and technological solutions to ensure information security and security in the digital age”.

In particular, the topic “The solution using Big Data to protect Internet users from malicious websites” was presented by FPT Telecom representatives.

FPT Telecom mang tới Security World 2020 giải pháp về Big Data - bảo mật và an ninh mạng - Ảnh 1.

It is known that the project of using Big Data to protect Internet users from malicious websites of FPT Telecom has been officially launched since 2007 with the development of solutions based on existing international algorithms. Until 2019, this project is expanded and upgraded with a new set of algorithms developed by FPT Telecom’s technology experts themselves.

A representative of FPT Telecom explained that in the case that a large number of customers are infected with malware, they may be controlled by hackers to create botnets to attack and collapse servers, or to perform other malicious acts such as leveling up data. , information … With solutions from Big Data will help detect malicious domain names and alert customers when a virus attack. As a result, all customers and partners using FPT Telecom’s services are guaranteed information security on the Internet. This is also a way to ensure the company system is operating safely.

“With the new algorithm developed by FPT Telecom, it allows the solution to use Big Data to achieve the highest accuracy, up to 97%. Currently, this solution has been applied effectively by FPT Telecom in many parts. , work … “ , representative of FPT Telecom also affirmed.

FPT Telecom mang tới Security World 2020 giải pháp về Big Data - bảo mật và an ninh mạng - Ảnh 2.

In addition, many other solutions from senior speakers of prestigious organizations and businesses are: Information security governance trends 2020; Establish an early warning system for information security threats for Governments, commercial enterprises, and service organizations; Some typical attack trends are aimed at companies that provide online services and preventive solutions; Important points to ensure the safety, information security of Finance – Banking in the context of Covid-19 epidemic; Warning and propose solutions to ensure information security for home-based activities and online meetings at all levels;

In particular, in the context of the Covid-19 translation, the National Workshop on security and confidentiality was held in an online form via Cisco WebEx tool. Presenters present from different terminals and are connected via video. The main bridge head of the workshop is located at IDG Vietnam office located in Saigon. The entire seminar program will be livestreamed on fanpage IDG Vietnam Public Sector.

Security World is the National Conference on Security Exhibition which is one of the largest and most prestigious Information Security Events in Vietnam organized by IDG Vietnam International Data Group. The event aims to assess IT threats among organizations and offer breakthrough solutions to effectively deal with security threats.

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Source : Genk