FPT Techday 2021 launches the “smart green city” exhibition

Tram Ho

FPT Techday 2021 ra mắt triển lãm “thành phố xanh thông minh” - Ảnh 1.

The complicated development of Covid-19 has led to a series of problems arising in social security, production and business activities… According to information from the General Statistics Office, compared with the previous quarter, the number of employees suffering The negative impact of the pandemic in the third quarter increased by 15.4 million people, to more than 28.2 million people due to job loss, work leave, rotating leave, reduced working hours, and reduced income. The impact of Covid-19 also greatly affected the production and business activities of enterprises. Around the world, the pandemic has also caused three-quarters of startups in most countries to pause and have no hope of raising more investment capital in the short term.

Faced with that fact, Techday 2021 – FPT’s biggest technology event of the year, taking place at 8:30 am on December 3 on a virtual platform will focus on the “hot” topic – “Comprehensive reconstruction, breakthrough in the average” Evergreen” (Thrive in The Green Normal).

In particular, at the event, FPT will introduce the exhibition “Green Smart City” – A green smart city with the application of an ecosystem including the group’s latest technology services, solutions and products.

FPT Techday 2021 ra mắt triển lãm “thành phố xanh thông minh” - Ảnh 2.

With this theme, guests will have the opportunity to fully approach and experience a green normal world, where the activities of governments, organizations, businesses and the lives of individuals are operated according to new way of “living with the flood”. In which, the new world is operated on the core foundation of technology, which will rebuild the activities of fields, organizations and individuals – where everything will be intelligently connected, proactively managed, flexibly respond and ensure safety in all situations.

The smart green city will be divided into 6 subdivisions: Green Government, Green Enterprise, Green Mobility, Green Health, Green Education, Green Life. In particular, the subdivisions will operate around the focus of Green Government and connect, operate smoothly and flexibly based on core technologies such as AI, Cloud, Bigdata, Blockchain ….

In particular, Green Government – the heart of a smart green city, is operated based on the most advanced technology solutions to help authorities get real-time updated data on all activities, from that makes timely, coherent decisions and immediately sees the results of change. In particular, in the context of Covid’s complicated developments, the green control center will be a place to exchange and connect with the command posts to discuss and provide solutions to big problems without having to meet. live.

Green enterprises, with the support of technology, can actively control the ratio of green personnel; administration, operation, remote work. Or the Green Health area simulates a paperless health care system, with the harmonious combination of doctors and nurses with electronic medical record systems, electronic medical records, etc. to help smooth work, reduce time waiting time. Green education brings a smoothly connected learning and teaching experience between teachers and students based on artificial intelligence technology, social construction training methods to help learners be active, active and interested. participate, increase learning efficiency.

FPT Techday 2021 ra mắt triển lãm “thành phố xanh thông minh” - Ảnh 3.

Businesses will also find experiences and solutions to their hot issues in the face of the challenges of the Covid -19 pandemic through a plenary session and 10 in-depth seminars and transition consulting sessions. exchange 1:1 with a leading expert of FPT.

In particular, at the event, FPT will also introduce a set of solutions to help businesses comprehensively rebuild and make a breakthrough in the green normal, including: A set of solutions to help control disease safety; Set of flexible operating solutions; A suite of solutions to increase reliability.

Register to experience right now at Techday2021.fpt.com.vn .

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