FPT Software brings Google material design to iOS application

Ngoc Huynh

FPT Software just released iOS UI library platform via GitHub. This is the most complete material design controls for iOS so far, iOS UI library platform includes multiple modules, easy to update, ability to customize and share with the community.

Open Source is the software which is offered for free under open source. Users are able to edit, improve, develop and upgrade based on some general principles without permisson, which the programmers are not allowed to do with commercial software in the past.

Along with Stack Overflow, Code Project or Codementor, GitHub is one of the popular websites, where developers can build, share the products and interact with the community.

During the first day of release, this library has received much attention from developers with over 3.000 subscribers, 100 downloads, 500 likes and more than 50 updates.

Currently, in addition to continue updating the essential  features for this library, FPT Software is also released Sencha Touch as open source on HTML5 which has similar features to GitHub.

For the past few years, in addition to development investment of products and services suitable to the technology trends in the world, FPT Software also interested in building products and organizing activities for tech community in general.

This library enabled to developers are not only view, edit and update open source but also expressed hope that they can build tools which suitable to all fields based on knowledge, experiences. This is also demonstrate FPT Software competency in Enterprise Mobility.

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Source : http://itnews.com/