FPT Shop has a 30% lifetime discount when glued from the second time on

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Today, tempered glass is considered as the optimal solution to help users protect the phone screen from rubbing, impacting with keys or other objects during use. In addition, sticking the screen with these glass panels also works to avoid dust, prevent dirt, … helping your phone always have a new beauty.

Currently, FPT Shop has hundreds of quality tempered glass models for almost all mobile phone brands in the market. The product has a special 5-layer glass structure, meeting all requirements such as hardness up to 9H (usually 3H stickers), scratch resistance, screen protection when falling, anti-fingerprint, anti-dust. .. The design of the tempered glass is also very fit with the 2.5D curved glass edge that fits each part of the screen (speakers, camera …), helping to increase the stiffness and limit the edge of the phone. In addition, the material of the glass is extremely thin and light, giving a very smooth feeling, without being hissed, but still does not reduce the touch sensitivity.

Notably, the tempered glass samples at FPT Shop are quite cheap compared to the quality brought. You can easily own a tempered glass for ‘mobile phone’ with the price from only 150,000 VND. Especially, from now until September 30th, FPT Shop will immediately give 30% to lifetime discount for customers who choose to stick the tempered glass from the second time on. Thus, those who are in need of replacing their old tempered glass panels should not miss this attractive opportunity.

FPT Shop giảm 30% trọn đời khi dán kính cường lực từ lần thứ 2 - Ảnh 1.

In addition, with a network of more than 630 across the country and working hours from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, you can go to the nearest FPT Shop to stick tempered glass at any convenient time of the day such as break noon, after shift, Saturday, Sunday, …

To buy products with the most incentives from FPT Shop, you can go directly to the store, watch online right here or call the call center to call the toll free 1800 6601 for the fastest support.

FPT Shop giảm 30% trọn đời khi dán kính cường lực từ lần thứ 2 - Ảnh 2.

FPT Shop offers a 30% lifetime discount for customers with glazed tempered glass for the second time

Why should you buy genuine accessories at FPT Shop?

In addition to many preferential programs, FPT Shop also brings customers the best service experiences.

Firstly, in addition to choosing to buy products directly at a system of more than 630 stores nationwide, you can choose to buy online, FPT Shop will deliver products to your place for free.

Second, you get one-for-one free one-year-for-one-year freebies if the purchased accessory contains defects from the manufacturer, except for cases, cases and phone screen protectors. So, you will feel more secure when you choose to shop at FPT Shop.

Third, FPT Shop supports 100% installment interest rate for those who are wondering about financial issues. The installment payment process is very simple and the application is quickly reviewed in just 15 minutes. You can even check in from a distance without having to go to the store, no more worrying about time or distance.

Tempered glass at FPT Shop is a genuine product, customers can choose to buy directly at the store, buy online or call the free hotline 1800 6601 for more specific advice and quick order.

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