Foxconn launches two new electric car models, actively ‘touting’ Tesla

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Foxconn, the Taiwanese tech giant that makes iPhones for Apple, has just announced two new electric car models at the annual Hon Hai Technology Day event. This is said to be a move that shows the company is trying to diversify its business and shows its desire to dominate the new energy car market.

Two models, a Model V electric pickup truck and a Model B electric hatchback, appeared on stage as a message to automakers that: Foxconn is ready to produce electric vehicles for you.

And at the same event, Foxconn Chairman and CEO Liu Young-way said the company wants to replicate its success in manufacturing consumer devices to electric vehicles. Even a specific name was called out, that of Tesla, when Mr. Liu said that he hoped to one day Foxconn will produce cars for this US electric car company.

“Foxconn doesn’t run its own brand of electric vehicles,” Liu said. “I hope one day we can make Tesla cars.”

Foxconn ra mắt xe hai mẫu xe điện mới, chủ động 'chào hàng' Tesla - Ảnh 1.

Foxconn founder Terry Gou introduces the Model B prototype on stage.

In the US, Foxconn has partnered with Lordstown Motors and Fisker to produce electric vehicles on their behalf, and is working with Taiwanese automaker Yulon Group to build the Model C, an electric SUV for the first time. revealed at this time last year.

This year, besides the Model B crossover and Model V pickup, Foxconn also introduced the Model C. The company says it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds and has a travel range of 700 km. Foxconn expects the Model C to be delivered to Yulon in the second half of next year, with the name going to be Luxgen N7.

According to the company, the Model B crossover will be based on the Model C platform, but will come with a new body design. It will have an S-duct design that increases the vehicle’s aerodynamics, helps reduce air turbulence and allows for a drag coefficient of 0.26. Foxconn says the Model B will have a range of about 450 kilometers.

Foxconn ra mắt xe hai mẫu xe điện mới, chủ động 'chào hàng' Tesla - Ảnh 2.

Details about the Model V are scant, but Foxconn says it will be Taiwan’s first self-developed electric pickup and will have a payload capacity of up to 1 ton, and towing capacity of 3 tons. Of course, there’s no word on how that traction will affect the vehicle’s range.

The all-terrain electric pickup will have a dual-cabin, five-seat configuration and feature a range of sensors around the vehicle that Foxconn says “not only improve safety, but also provide intelligent technology.” demonstrate to users”. According to many comments, this could be the integration of an advanced driver assistance system.

Foxconn ra mắt xe hai mẫu xe điện mới, chủ động 'chào hàng' Tesla - Ảnh 3.

Foxconn’s current strategy is mainly focused on vertical integration of production. This way of doing business is not new in the electric vehicle industry, with Tesla being the most prominent face. Today, more and more automakers are also diving deeper into this strategy.

Liu hopes that Foxconn can apply its technological manufacturing expertise to automation, halving design time and reducing development costs by a third, according to Reuters. Foxconn bought the Lordstown factory in Ohio to use as a US manufacturing facility. Vehicles will also be manufactured in Taiwan and Thailand.

“We used to make PCs and mobile phones. From now on and in the future, we will create electric vehicles,” he said in a statement. “In the electric vehicle industry, we firmly follow CDMS, or provide design and contract manufacturing services. This commitment will not change. Over the next 10 years, Hon Hai in the electric vehicle industry will redefine CDMS in the automotive sector and continue to promote vertically integrated technology services.”

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