Former Apple Vice President told the story of being fired at 1:30 a.m.: ‘My 22 years of commitment disappeared in just 25 seconds’

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Tony Blevins (55 years old) woke up to a phone call at 1:30 a.m. asking him to immediately delete a video on TikTok.

Video posted in early September shows Blevins stepping out of his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren at a car show and being asked what he does for a living. He replied: “I race golf carts and make fun of women with huge breasts. I usually go on weekends and major holidays.”

Blevins said the quote was actually taken from the 1981 comedy Arthur, in which an actor gave a similar answer when asked what he does for a living. Blevins’ wife also sat in the car and burst out laughing when she heard her husband’s answer.

Cựu Phó chủ tịch Apple kể chuyện bị sa thải lúc 1 rưỡi sáng: ‘22 năm gắn bó của tôi tan biến chỉ trong 25 giây’ - Ảnh 1.

Tony Blevins and his wife in the video.

At the time, he was still a senior vice president of Apple. After the clip went viral and went viral, several members of Apple’s operations and procurement team reported it to human resources. So Apple opened an internal investigation and the end result was that Blevins was fired.

On a call at 1:30 a.m., an Apple executive told Blevins: “Things are going really badly, some people have complained about it (the video)” and asked him to delete the video immediately.

Blevins told the Wall Street Journal that he stayed up all night trying to contact TikToker named Daniel Mac, who took the video to ask for it to be deleted but received no response. Apple’s board of directors suggested that he take the initiative to resign, but he did not agree. And just days after the video appeared on TikTok on September 5, Blevins was fired.

My 22 years with Apple vanished in about 25 seconds,” Blevins said. I was completely shocked. All my life I’ve been Apple. I tried to be the most loyal .” Over the years, he’s used his negotiating skills to help Apple build and maintain the massive supply chain it is today.

His departure leaves Apple with a huge hole to fill at a crucial time for the company. Apple is dealing with disruptions in its supply chain, which is largely centered in China. Some Apple employees say that Blevins’ position can be difficult to replace because of his understanding of Apple’s supply chain and negotiation skills.

Blevins served as Vice President of Procurement, and his team is responsible for negotiating with a network of suppliers that make components for Apple products. He is one of 30 key figures who report directly to CEO Tim Cook or COO Jeff Williams.

Cựu Phó chủ tịch Apple kể chuyện bị sa thải lúc 1 rưỡi sáng: ‘22 năm gắn bó của tôi tan biến chỉ trong 25 giây’ - Ảnh 2.

Tony Blevins.

Blevins said the firing made him not believe that something he joked to a non-Apple employee outside of work hours could erase his entire dedication to the company he loves and cares about. trust. He apologized to those who felt offended by that statement. Even so, he considers his dismissal was a mistake.

Several former employees have spoken out in support of Blevins. According to them, he sometimes jokes to defuse stressful situations, but he has never made any sexist statements or other unprofessional behavior.

On the other hand, some Apple employees argued that Blevins’ firing was necessary because the company should not tolerate sexist comments or behavior by senior leaders.

Chris Deaver, Apple’s former senior head of human resources (who left in 2019) said the company values ​​inclusion, especially among leaders and senior executives. According to him, firing Blevins was the right decision.

Cựu Phó chủ tịch Apple kể chuyện bị sa thải lúc 1 rưỡi sáng: ‘22 năm gắn bó của tôi tan biến chỉ trong 25 giây’ - Ảnh 3.

Apple is dealing with supply chain disruptions.

Although a bit unusual at Apple, Blevins has been recognized by Apple management for his good negotiating skills. Since 2014, he has been allowed to work remotely, from his West Palm Beach home.

During his two decades at the company, Blevins emerged as one of the key executives who helped build Apple into a behemoth through deals with suppliers of chips, displays and other parts almost exclusively. end in Asia. Blevins has helped Apple reduce costs and ensure the safe delivery of iPhones and other devices.

Blevins said that after he was fired, senior executives at the company planned to hold a farewell party with more than 100 participants, but the event was canceled because the two sides could not find common ground. .

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Blevins said he didn’t like the idea of ​​Apple throwing a farewell party for him after he just fired him. He called it “hypocritical” and stressed that he had not received any termination compensation.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has actively promoted efforts to create inclusive workplaces where employees are respected. The airline states that it will not tolerate discriminatory or demeaning behavior by anyone.

Source: WSJ

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