Forget iPhone 13 because the time of the foldable iPhone – Flip has just been revealed

Tram Ho

There are many predictions about the first foldable Apple iPhone that many people often call the iPhone Flip. New leaks confirm that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone and challenge other competitors but don’t expect the product to appear in 2021 alongside the iPhone 13.

Quên iPhone 13 đi vì thời điểm xuất hiện iPhone gập - Flip vừa được hé lộ - Ảnh 1.

According to Digitimes , Apple is unlikely to enter the foldable screen market until 2022.

The Digitimes page also revealed that the iPhone Flip will be a real foldable phone instead of a dual screen like the Surface Duo. A leading source in the supply chain also said that if Apple focuses on the foldable phone market, Apple will contribute to increasing demand for flexible OLED screens.

Although Samsung is still the leading manufacturer of flexible OLED screens today, the appearance of the iPhone Flip will attract the attention of many other screen manufacturers, thereby increasing competition and promoting more models. new generation folding or flexible screen.

Quên iPhone 13 đi vì thời điểm xuất hiện iPhone gập - Flip vừa được hé lộ - Ảnh 2.

Certainly a competitive market will contribute to the creation of more accessible, quality products thanks to the significantly reduced costs of producing flexible displays.

While the tech world is waiting for the iPhone Flip or the foldable iPhone, Samsung, Motorola and other Chinese smartphone makers will seek to expand their market share in the foldable smartphone market by 2021.

Samsung is said to launch two more folding screen smartphones next year, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2. There are also rumors that Samsung will sell more “Lite” versions of foldable smartphone at a more affordable price.

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