For the first time, users experience “hunting” streamer on BOOYAH! Live

Tram Ho

BOOYAH! Live currently allows streamers to stream on OS, Android and PC devices through supporting software such as OBS, XSplit. Users can save special moments, highlight their online sessions with short clips and easily share widely.

Special BOOYAH platform! Live currently has a lot of events with many attractive exclusive gifts for Free Fire gamers. Just follow these simple steps to connect your Free Fire and BOOYAH accounts! Live, users can already participate in events, the gift received will go directly to the in-game locker.

Besides doing daily tasks to accumulate BOOYAH! tickets, this July the platform also holds a very special event connecting streamers with fans called: “Hunting Streamer, Looting Summer Gifts”.

Lần đầu tiên người dùng trải nghiệm “đi săn streamer trên BOOYAH! Live - Ảnh 2.

Users participate in this event by following their favorite streamer’s livestream and receive gifts every day on the BOOYAH channel! Live. Streamer “hunted” will have a box icon on the corner of the livestream screen.

When the streamer starts dropping gifts, the time displayed on the box will count down until the number of gifts randomly given to viewers of the stream. Depending on the time, the number of gifts the streamer gives, users with good dignity will receive items in the Free Fire game such as: “Summer Umbrella”, “Beach Fashion Box”, “Robot Dog”. The more you follow and watch streams, the greater your chances of winning.

Lần đầu tiên người dùng trải nghiệm “đi săn streamer trên BOOYAH! Live - Ảnh 3.

What are the Free Fire gamers waiting for without starting to hunt AS Mobile, Gao Bac, Co Ngan, ..right now.

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