Football system virtual currency creates fever at Euro 2020

Tram Ho

Euro 2020, Europe’s most special football period officially kicked off on June 11th. With being held in 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries, Euro 2020 is expected to create an exciting atmosphere stretching across the old continent.

And while waiting for the football atmosphere to warm up, the virtual currencies of the top European football clubs suddenly increased from 20-50% right before Euro 2020, in which the strongest increase was mentioned. familiar names such as Barcelona (20%), AS Roma (50%), Atletico Madrid (42%), Juventus (25%).

This rally, however, was blown away after just one day along with the virtual currency market. The two-day red floor session last week dragged Bitcoin down to $35,000, indirectly causing alternative virtual currencies (altcoins) to also decrease.

Tiền ảo hệ bóng đá tạo cơn sốt ở kỳ Euro 2020 - Ảnh 1.

Football-type virtual currencies increased by 50% in just one day and then fell back to their old value.

However, football virtual currencies are still expected to gain momentum again when Euro 2020 enters the knockout round (knock-out). Not to mention the Copa America 2021 starting from June 13 also promises to help create a football fever not only in Europe but also around the planet.

Football virtual currencies are called fan tokens, issued on the Chiliz blockchain. The virtual currency itself has increased by 30% with the Euro 2020 fever, but also quickly decreased following the decline of the entire virtual currency market.

On this occasion, on June 11, Chiliz and Socios officially issued the Argentina team’s token with a starting price of 2 USD, total supply of 20 million dong.

After many problems in the organization, Argentina and 9 other teams still attended the Copa America 2021 to be held in Brazil. Messi and Neymar promise to be shining stars in this South American tournament.


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Source : Genk