“Following” Apple, Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 1TB memory option

Tram Ho

After Apple announced the 1TB memory version of the iPhone 13 Pro series in September, Samsung is also preparing to introduce the Galaxy S22 series, in which the Ultra version will own a 1TB memory option. .

Specifically, new reports from the SamMobile site say that Samsung will produce memory chips with a capacity of up to 1TB to equip the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is about to be launched in January. Cheaper versions like Galaxy S22, S22+ will have a maximum memory capacity of 512GB.

“Nối gót” Apple, Galaxy S22 Ultra sẽ có tuỳ chọn bộ nhớ 1TB - Ảnh 1.

For most users, 1TB is a huge amount of space, and almost no one uses up that much, unless they need to shoot 4K or 8K videos continuously for a long time. With Samsung’s smartphones no longer equipped with a microSD card slot, equipping a large memory capacity is also a necessity, but to own a 1TB memory version, users will definitely need to spend. not a small amount.

In fact, this is not the first time Samsung has equipped a smartphone with 1TB of memory. In 2019 when the Galaxy S10 series was introduced, Samsung announced a 1TB memory option for the Galaxy S10+, and the amount that users need to spend to own this option is up to 1450 USD. With not too high demand from users, the 1TB option was removed by Samsung on later generations.

Galaxy S22 series is expected to launch soon in early 2022.

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Source : Genk