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Tram Ho

Adobe officially ended support for its highly popular Flash software on December 31, 2020. Flash has come a long way over two decades, embracing the global internet platform and with all. both of us. But today, Flash has reached the end of its path.

Though Adobe won’t block all Flash content until January 12, the major web browsers will be closing all Flash content as of today. Microsoft will also block Flash content in most versions of Windows.

Flash đã kết thúc - Ảnh 1.

Flash has a big role in the internet, which is probably why its funeral lasted for so many years. Adobe has been asking developers to move to HTML5 since 2015. Adobe announced it would stop supporting Flash in 2017 and Flash is officially dead until today.

Created in the early days of the internet, developers used Flash to create games and multimedia content on web browsers. Adobe acquired Flash in 2005, and by that time it was run on 98% of all internet-connected computers.

For years, however, Flash Player has been criticized for its security, performance and battery life issues. We probably still remember the years-long war between Apple and Adobe, since Steve Jobs published “Thoughts on Flash” in 2010.

Flash đã kết thúc - Ảnh 2.

Steve Jobs has criticized Flash for its shortcomings, as well as explained why Flash is not supported on his devices. And Apple has never brought Flash to the iPhone and iPad. The demise of Flash also began there.

Even so, Flash still leaves many memories for us and it will not disappear entirely on the internet. The Internet Archive currently hosts Flash titles and animations, as a museum of the Flash platform.

Reference: theverge

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