Flappy Bird, Son Tung M-TP, Cong Vinh and the story of “Forceful eating and eating”

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We would like to send you the article “FLAPPY BIRD, SON TUNG M-TP, PUBLIC HEART AND STORIES ‘BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY” posted on the recent Vietnam Project Construction fanpage. Invite readers to read and ponder.

I remember the classic story in the world game village, that is the story of a lonely and powerful lonely bird then “broke the wings” in the regret of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 1.

Flappy Bird has topped the app rankings in more than 50 countries, reaching over 100 million downloads within 2 weeks on Android and iOS platforms. Up to before the “lonely bird” broke its wings, it collected over 50,000 reviews on CH Play and 30,000,000 reviews on the Appstore. More than 200,000 videos uploaded to Flappy Bird still exist on the Internet today to online platforms. Its APK version still exists until the time of writing and reaches over 30 million downloads without permission on Android.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 2.

Flappy Bird marks the revolution of mobile application information technology, inspires game studios around the world, small studios seem to be lost in the development of globalization. Flappy Bird flashed in a way that was unexpected and caused its owner – Nguyen Ha Dong to earn over $ 50,000 a day.

I would like to quote an excerpt of an excerpt from the Flappy Bird article that I have stayed for a long time:

“What we know about Ha Dong is simply a simple guy with a normal appearance, who attended the Polytechnic and had a small award for making games. Perhaps his life will still be So quiet, normal without Flappy Bird, or fake, he was fed up with the usual pace of life and changed, doing something else like other people, to be interesting in a different way, maybe now We don’t have Flappy Bird to be proud of, so what’s the problem here is simply an old lesson: Never give up your dream, even if the whole world makes you feel it Feasibility.”

But, like the way the lonely bird could not reach the final stage, Flappy Bird was stopped after a few weeks by its own father: Nguyen Ha Dong.

Unfortunately, the main reason why Ha Dong stopped releasing this game was because it was “squeezed” by Vietnamese people.

They pointed out that for $ 50,000 a day, how much tax he would pay, it was rumored that he would be arrested for tax evasion. They said he was just a fool. They said he stole images of 8-bit games like Mario or Contra. Some Vietnamese also send emails to Konami and other reputable game companies asking for copyright investigation of the game.

Some others, who went to his family and social networking sites and insulted, said that Flappy Bird stole ideas from NPHs and was “insulted”. His Gears Studio social networking site has been flagged for reporting and flying color after only three days when his Flappy Bird game reached top trending worldwide. On February 9, 2014, this bird officially “broke its wings” and never appeared again and some Vietnamese people were really gloating with their achievements.

A newspaper commented on Flappy Bird: Flappy Bird is a high-tech product, the bird cannot fly in the sky of an outdated agricultural country with many prejudices that “buffalo hate buffalo eat”. It has made Vietnam proud but it cannot make Vietnam bloom more.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 3.

I remember the story of Son Tung , this 94-year-old boy who suffered from harsh prejudices, unfounded accusations, insults … and perhaps not a single character on Vietnamese showbiz. experience.

In previous years, particularly from 2018 onwards, Son Tung was always attached a label that was not fun or proud: G-Dragon Vietnamese version.

Vietnamese viewers, they think that Son Tung is trying to imitate the image of one of the legendary singers of Kpop. They said that Son Tung created the same music products G-Dragon (GD), dressed as GD, danced as well as GD, who was good at hair color and GD. Whenever launching any music product, Son Tung also suffers from unjust and unfair eyes.

“Tying director” is one of the ridiculous nicknames netizens have given Son Tung. They found the matching points, the rhythmic passages sometimes only long in 0.5s to denounce Tung. Some netizens in Vietnam also emailed denunciations to Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” MV producer and asked them to denounce to YouTube.

So far, none of Tung’s products have been sued by other publishers, singers because of “plagiarism” or “religious ideas”. In fact, these phrases, only spoken from those who should have supported and stood behind cheering for the young man and his hometown.

Fortunately, the young man still maintained his stance, determination and passion, and Son Tung became a person who instigated the young generation of Vietnam, the younger generations tried their best and lived their youth because they wished dream and desire. In an interview on VTV1, Son Tung said: “I have a desire to bring Vietnamese music to the world”.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 4.

Cong Vinh football legend , one of the most successful players both in terms of expertise and achievements that Vietnamese football ever produced.

But never in the eyes of many Vietnamese people, Cong Vinh has a position but if with those achievements and expertise in another country, he has become a true myth without controversy.

Cong Vinh has always been compared to Van Quyen, who said that the legend of Nghe An is just a lucky person because of the time when the golden generation from Sea Games 22 fell. Those who did not know, Cong Vinh was the youngest player to get the title of Vietnam Golden Ball, at that time, Van Quyen still had not dipped indigo because of the sale.

If not talented, how can Cong Vinh become the third great striker in V League history with nearly 120 goals, in the top 5, there are 4 foreign or foreign players. If there is no capacity, please give me a reason why Cong Vinh can go abroad and be confident enough to get into the official lineup at foreign clubs and have goals in the main tournaments. in Japan or Portugal? What Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong … have not done so far. Chanathip, the player named Messi Thailand, admitted that he learned a lot in CV9 when playing in Japan.

If Cong Vinh is bad, why would he be able to score 51 goals / 83 games for the Vietnamese team and in every match of the team, double the number 2 is Le Huynh Duc. Your coaches must direct “accompanied” CV9 at all costs. And some Vietnamese people will become “evil people” when denying all his achievements and achievements for the team that takes 10 years later, we will enjoy those joys again.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 5.

The story of Flappy Bird and Nguyen Ha Dong is a testament to the story of “our troops shooting our troops”. A reasonable product will inspire, motivate and step up the momentum for Vietnamese startups to “die prematurely” because of the pride of Vietnamese people. Flappy Bird should have become a “treasure” if Vietnamese people appreciate and hold on. But the bird still succumbed, the image of the bird hitting the pillar was the perfect description of the jealousy of the Vietnamese people who prevented others from coming to the city.

When it comes to Kpop, Koreans are proud to talk about BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Wanna One … They are world-famous bands and they have contributed to bringing the Korean name further, flying higher. Koreans were able to compete and mingle with the world music flow, they confidently stood behind for those names to shine. And from a certain angle, the name of Son Tung M-TP can make us hope and believe so.

The day Viettel took the toddler steps to the world, they said that Viettel was too desperate and “brought tax money” to eat and share. Coming as a pilot Pham Tuan, still being harassed by the children, said that he was a “lucky” person when the first Asian man flew into space, what kind of luck he had when he had shot B52 – his life. Pride of the US Air Force and return safely to aircraft and weapons.

Bangkok Post had an article saying that the Vietnamese automobile industry, especially with the advent of Vinfast, could make the position of the Thai auto industry seriously impaired. Other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines … have decades of peace and so far, they do not have any car company, there is no one phone company and even They lost to Vietnam in the 5G telecom war. Suddenly with the development of 5G telecom companies Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar will be “enjoyed” and these countries have announced the 5G roadmap with the help of “elder brother” Vietnam.

While Thai people are still condemning the government because the government takes the “people’s health” instead of “weak” in the telecommunications war, we are still self-deprecating with the song ” screws and sewing needles “.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 6.

If everyone thinks only of their own life, this country will die before it flashes again.

If Le Hong Minh did not dare to go to China to bring “Vo Lam Truyen Ky” to Vietnam, we would not have VNG, no Zalo and maybe the Vietnamese game market would get into foreign hands. If there is no Hikergame (Emobi), we will not know 7554, the FPS game of historical context, maybe Vietnamese gamers will still know only Call of Duty or Battefield.

If the Coc Coc developers accept to cancel this browser project because they are told by Google that “Google Chrome” is a fake, we will not have a Vietnamese browser that uses Chromium core and is developed strongly until current time.

If Tan Hiep Phat accepted “following her husband to give up the game” and could not overcome the prejudice that led the company to struggle, Coca Cola and Pepsi would continue to dominate and not pay any tax to Vietnam and despise marketing. Vietnamese school.

If Son Tung is a bit weak and accepts “let go”, it is unknown whether foreigners will know about Vpop or the Vietnamese music industry, there will not be a day at 7Eleven or a restroom. Brazil, Peru or South Africa echo the melody of “Give it to you” or “Lost”.

If Victor Vu, Charlie Nguyen, Jonny Tri Nguyen will remain in Hollywood, what will Vietnamese cinema be like? If Ngo Thanh Van does not dare to ignore criticism and prejudice when Vietnamese audiences believe that Vietnamese filmmakers will never make great action movies, then Hai Phuong is probably still just above. A4 sheets of paper.

If gamers are still regarded as never-growing children before society’s prejudices, the Mobile League’s world championship may make them think again. While Vietnamese society still has harsh criticism for Vietnamese gamers, there still exist the thrilling emotions of the Dota2vn community silently witnessing 496 Gaming competing with dreams to the world. These are positive things that young people need to encourage and adults sometimes need to open their hearts. Instead of banning them for negative things, direct them towards positive things.

If the old people lived selfishly, now Vietnam does not know whether it will exist until now or will it dissolve and accept the disappearance as other small states over thousands of years of history.

This world is constantly changing.

Most of us may never become great, but we have the right to hope this Country will become great. Therefore, we need to support those with great potential to become great individuals.

I believe that most people who read this line, you all understand what you want to say.

Flappy Bird was unable to fly any more, and Vietnam did.

* The article shows the author’s point of view.

Flappy Bird, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Công Vinh và câu chuyện Trâu buộc GHÉT Trâu ăn - Ảnh 7.
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