Five WordPress Tools which are great for developers

Tram Ho

WordPress is a fairly popular CMS so far, from designer to developer, WP is the most convenient CMS and can meet all conditions for users. As a content management system, using WordPress is quite easy, but if you want to customize to meet higher demand, it seems quite difficult.

Here are five cool plugins that can help you develop WordPress, whether you’re building a brand new website or just trying to add more features to your own site.

1. User Switching

When building a plugin, you always want to have many features for different types of users, so you have to constantly repeat the login process to change the user accounts, which is quite time-consuming. With User Switching, it allows you to switch between multiple accounts, while allowing you to check features and permissions for all your different types of user accounts.

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2. WP Reset

Do you need to remove everything to start over? WP Reset will reset all of your database to its default values, delete all customizations and content, and clean up to return you to a brand new site. This plugin has a built-in snapshot feature, which helps you save your current web page before removing everything. However, remember to create a snapshot because once you click the button, you will lose everything. It won’t delete things like media files, site titles, search engine display settings or plugins, but for a site that has thousands of fake posts, it’s a quick way to remove everything. .

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3. Activity Log

If you have a lot of people working on your site remotely, managing a group of developers, or have a tendency to forget what you did the night before, Activity Log is a great little plugin for you. Lots of information about what’s going on on your site.

From things like someone activating a plugin, or helping distracting colleagues take 20 minutes to remember a password, the Activity Log gives you details of what you did when you worked with WordPress. .

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4. Toolbelt

A true all-in-one plugin that provides the daily functions you need on your website. Whether you want to lazy load images, add a quick cookie banner, or adjust your admin panel to make it a little easier to use, Toolbelt has many options available to help you work easily. more than ever. However, this is a fairly new plugin and will be updated and developed more in the future.

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5. FakerPress

You need to create content to test, and it’s frustrating to have to run on rice? So why not use FakerPress, this plugin will help you a lot.

Create posts, images, users, tags, comments, and more, then quickly remove fake content after you’re done. Pretty good when you need data to check blocks and make sure everything works as it should.

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With these tools, we hope to solve the difficult problems that WordPress developers face.

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