Female programmers and confidants said it hard


Recently, the technology community has been quite interested in the current performance of an old playground that is only for programmers, where they share the most secret feelings, worries and concerns together. After only a few short first days, the Confession Fanpage attracted a lot of emotional sentiment among sisters in the industry:

E is IT 4 years already, you guys are heartless and evil. Sometimes sad, no ghost will listen to me, tell his best friend that his face is like “I éo care”. I want to have someone to talk to, but just talk, don’t know each other to say I don’t mind, I think it will be more fun, then there is another school, I often talk to you, it’s very psychological , ask me, what is my frustration, ask and talk about the types. I do not know because I have studied this field for me because I have an increase or something, I can talk for 3 days but I block it, thinking that she doesn’t do anything, I’m just fixing the bug, chapter The program ran distorted, she inbox went to ask a slightly stupid question, but that question had asked a few times before, and I went crazy to play. When I was working, did anyone call inbox, but the way to talk about work was fine, but naturally, my longtime friends didn’t ask what I was doing, so recently I turned off the chat, I immediately went with it. very annoyed, I have no friends except IT groups. The non-IT guys can’t text me saying I’m fixing bugs so don’t mind, they don’t understand how to fix the repression, so thinking after all, only IT will bring happiness to each other. The girls who study this industry have a lover, they are good, so until now, there has been no way, no one has ever talked to them, but they have the intention of getting used to it. The whole life only goes to school with friends in the group during the day, they have a lover in turn, maybe there are days when they have all the owners, there is still distortion. but I am not interested in talking to strangers, you ask me about inbox, chit chat is my block. Sometimes I was determined to escape, and I tried to rep, but for 3 days it was high, I said it was frustrating, but I couldn’t help it. see that my life is so small now, only a few people lurked around with the hook : V. the whole life shrinks to the size of a lap. T_T

V iết supporters to take to new heights page …
I am just a low level female coder who is a female student. Having been studying in the school for a few years is also very interesting, writing all kinds of languages ​​… at that time, only crammed into the brain to hope to increase more. the wrinkle again ..
By the time I graduated, I was proud to have a degree in my hand to apply for a job, then I had a job, I did .. but the wrong thing here is that studying at school and applying to practice completely different, probably about 30% ( for me it is) … Many times I don’t know those codes in tissue and have any effect, it is very difficult .. I have only lost 1kg in the first week .. Because of the above 8 the sound of the face plugged into the screen, go home except for the time of eating and drinking, and 4 hours, then continue to hold the lap. ..
An old coder sharing …

IT we are thought to be unusual, even unusual, creatures that live outside the earth. Many times, when debugging in the beginning of all-obsessive haunts, coming back to the room does not speak the words of people, so the roommate also gradually becomes distant because of “language barrier”. I am just a student with a number of projects flooded, only to know the morning to find a quiet place, stay home to google. As the days passed, it was increasingly being eccentric. Boyfriend does not want to have, feel love takes time. It’s not like their roommates are economic people, they talk too much every day, but when I hear it, just say “Yes” to finish the story, listen to a lot of headaches.
Is it me in the chronic stress phase? In fact, no one understands me with the same people. We work hard to create a good thing in the world. Feeling immense sacrifice (hi, just spirit of self-satisfaction). I haven’t worked yet, and I don’t know what the pressure is. But, dev, has anyone ever felt like they are lost among their friends? Deadline is about to come and never has its autism level up to the highest level now. Any dev is being eaten deadline, then quickly fix the bug successfully.

I don’t have anything to say : v I’m just a girl learning programming. Sometimes tired because all day computer with the code. Night night lies thinking into the city, lack of sleep, becoming a panda. But I also don’t like makeup like this (I also like to look and feel guilty) … all day autism with the computer. In the dream I think there must be two IT lovers who love each other for fun. Previously there was an IT citizen, he said he was very dry, um, he also understood it well, he also believed and loved him very much. After nearly 1 year, when he said that he had 8 months, he knew other people, so he finished his dream of breaking up : v
Saying that, breaking up and then seeing alone is truly boundless happiness, it takes time to take care of strangers, save the brain to remember anyone, thinking that people feel that way Any … Now I like freedom and don’t want to get used to mischief before I’m afraid. The kind of waste of time but nothing can be hurt, it is deeply hurt : v But I am also lucky to be a girl, I also play close to many boys, I don’t think fashion is good: “>
Well, write it long, another day I send it to the xom. Wish you all a happy day with lots of bugs : v : v

Marginally: I came to those tools, sometimes it was miscellaneous error, install it again and again, tired : v Learn how to program me to be patient and restrained extremely high, but I don’t know for 1 year Those are lap ? )

E m a girl but chose the IT sector, a genuine civil coder.
Website design for a company close to home. It is true that stabbing you must follow you guys. I confide to the girls not to choose this industry. It’s not like I used to like architecture but I used to play with BF because OX now neglects to draw, so from block V to block A (I don’t know what to do, but I have been praying for 4.5 VND) ) According to you, I work IT.
From the day I worked on website design, I found this job too exhausting. Sometimes when it is not fixed at all, many days have to work for another 2 hours because it is impossible to add a website to the website, but it does not add any money. Go home tired.
Then just learn It is that everyone refers to what is related to the computer is to know, to see that it is easy for me to ask for everything, install it all the way, run and run all over the hungry stork’s body. If I am a girl, my aunt and uncle aunt and uncle who are not going to go back say that they are dignified, try to go to the tools to praise the daughter of this man, he works diligently
Then, sitting all day glued to the LCD screen so much, so my chest also followed, white skin was white but kept on blurring.
Fortunately, OX has the same profession so it is easy to understand! Sometimes he works to help his wife and help him.
That is also called comfort.
I don’t know if any of the male and female students in the IT industry share their support for self-pity:
Well, it is said that IT pays high, not high, “porridge instead of rice, rice noodles instead of porridge” is called all day long!

Anyone who wants to share their feelings with everyone, in the most discreet and safe way, please post it here !!

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