Father Zoom: I made it to “fall in love” with my girlfriend

Tram Ho

Suddenly emerging amid the trend of studying and working online during the season, Zoom founder Eric Yuan is a name that attracts attention in the tech industry.

Perhaps Yuan himself did not expect Zoom’s market capitalization to reach $ 31 billion . In the past three months, amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yuan’s fortune has increased by more than $ 4 billion , reaching approximately $ 7.6 billion according to Bloomberg estimates. Most of that money comes from the 19% of the Zoom shares he holds.

Suddenly becoming a remarkable name, few people know Eric Yuan’s journey to become a billion-dollar entrepreneur through many difficulties.

Cha de Zoom: I made it difficult to 'love far' with my girlfriend 1 Z13515042020.jpg
Founded Zoom at 41, Eric Yuan’s successful career came quite late compared to Silicon Valley celebrities. Photo: Zoom .

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Eric Yuan was born in 1970 in Fu’an City, Shandong Province (China). According to Forbes , Yuan’s parents work as a mining engineer. At 22, Yuan married a long-time acquaintance while studying for a master’s degree.

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Source : Techtalk