FAQ Mr. Vo Duy Tuan TeamCrop about Web, Backend, Outsource, Mobile, DevOps.

This week let's go back to AMA (Ask Me Anything), a regular Q&A (FAQ) event on TopDev 's fanpage.

This week's guest will be Mr. Vo Duy Tuan – Teamcrop CEO, who has over 10 years of professional working experience in the field of web programming and mobile. In addition, he is an influencer very famous in Vietnamese technology village. Surely this AMA will be extremely interesting and will not disappoint you.

Can you tell us a little bit about the technologies used in our products at Teamcrop?

Hi, Teamcrop applies microservices and Docker architecture in operation operation. Stack at the frontend uses Backbone, Requirejs, React, while Backend is 100% PHP based on the Slim framework. DB, MySQL, cache, memcached, Redis and message queue use RabbitMQ.

I know that Mr. Tuan used to work in the Web, Backend what do you comment on the upcoming development of Web, Backend?

I do not have a knack for commenting on development trends, but the backend I think will be further broken down in processing and there are many backend operations that will be provided as a Serverless or Backend-as-a-service form. .

Hi Mr. Tuan, can you share any new skills to study / study in the future? Why?

Hi, new skills in the future I am going to study in the near future will be React Native and knowledge of statistics learning.

Can you briefly introduce 3 memorable main points in the process of working from the beginning in Mobile, DevOps?

The three most memorable points when working with mobile and devops, first of all from a fun Android exercise 5 years ago, have reached nearly 4 million downloads and a successful exit. Next is the load balancer configuration 3 years ago and finally accessible to Docker technology and applied to the current system.

I want to ask what is your most memorable project when I started working at Teamcrop? and what do you draw from that?

Teamcrop is already a project, so the most memorable project is that I probably didn't develop the feature and spent nearly a year refactoring the entire system from monolithic to microservices today. The result is refactoring 100% of the system is not a simple thing, but the results will bring you a feeling of confidence when developing the project in the future.

Can you share about the difficulties encountered in the process of toddling up to now?

At the beginning of the job, more than 10 years ago, the only difficulty was that there were not many channels to access information as well as a few good and detailed books. At present, there is too little time to read and learn new knowledge, so choosing to study and read something is very difficult.

Can you give me documentation about micro services? I want to learn and develop applications in that direction

Currently he does not know if there are any good books about microservices because more than 1 year ago, he approached by searching google articles about microservices and reading, what applies is applicable.

In addition, the series on microservices on Nginx website is quite complete. Besides, you can refer to some of his presentation slides about microservices here: http://www.slideshare.net/lonelywolf

When I first studied programming, did I study to "create a pedal" for other languages ​​or learn those languages ​​directly?

Hi, you were forced to learn pascal programming at high school, by year 11, the only thing that was easiest to learn at that time was php javascript, so I accidentally came together. Each person will have a different fate and preferences, depending on the circumstances that push and contact first.

Thanks to Mr. Tuan for the recent sharing at AMA, this AMA's 5th week (September 29) in Topdev will be shared by Mr. Tung Jacob – PM at thegioididong, The fields that you share will be more relevant to UI / UX Design, Product Management and E-Commerce. The dev should not ignore the opportunity to ask Mr. Tung questions this Thursday afternoon!

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