Facebook unifies Instagram and Messenger

Tram Ho

Facebook has long wanted to unify its popular messaging platforms – WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram – while keeping the standalone apps. Now, Facebook has taken the first step, by merging Instagram and Messenger.

As reported by The Verge, Facebook just launched a new Instagram update for a number of parts of the world. This update introduces a new feature in Instagram that allows users to text with each other.

Facebook hợp nhất Instagram và Messenger - Ảnh 1.

New Instagram update notification.

Although it is said to be new, it is not entirely new. Since we are so familiar with this messaging application of Facebook, it is not anyone else but Messenger. With the integration of Messenger into Instagram, users will be able to message with their Facebook friends.

After the update, the Instagram DM logo is replaced with the Messenger logo. It has almost all the features of the regular Messenger app. However, Facebook said that the feature that helps Instagram users text with friends using Facebook is not currently active, it will take some time to be updated.

Facebook hợp nhất Instagram và Messenger - Ảnh 2.

Messenger logo in Instagram app.

Facebook has also announced plans to unify messaging platforms of popular apps, to allow users to text between Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger platforms. This means that there will only be a single messaging app, and social networking applications like Facebook and Instagram will still operate independently.

Facebook also wants to do end-to-end encryption for this entire Messenger messaging app, to enhance its security like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Reference: theverge

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