Facebook tightly censors the “anti-vax” association ahead of COVID-19 vaccination: Nearly 200 million fake news have been deleted or labeled.

Tram Ho

Facebook is updating its policies on the COVID-19 pandemic, in which it vowed to erase any false claims about upcoming vaccines. The social media giant will track misinformation exposed by public health experts on both the main app and Instagram.

The new regulations come as many of the COVID-19 vaccines are nearing the end of their clinical trials and are about to hit the market.

Yesterday, the UK became the first country to license a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, which is expected to be administered to the public as soon as next week. But soon after the information was published, on social networks appeared waves of protest against vaccination by anti-vax groups.

Facebook kiểm duyệt chặt hội anti-vax trước thềm tiêm chủng COVID-19: Gần 200 triệu fake news đã bị xóa hoặc dán nhãn - Ảnh 1.

Facebook said it would remove posts that ” incorrectly state the safety, effectiveness, ingredients or side effects of the vaccine”. “For example, we will remove false claims that COVID-19 vaccine contains microchips or anything else that is not on the official vaccine ingredients list ,” Facebook said in the announcement. mine.

They added that conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine will also be censored and removed from the platform. There are anti-vaccines, for example, who are saying that people are being pressured to get COvID-19 in a closed-loop trial that could affect the health of the vaccinated person.

However, it is true that all current vaccine trials are open to the public, and those who participate in it are entirely voluntary. They are also more aware of the small risks that can occur and even more excited about vaccines’ promising effects than worrying about them.

Although the announcement was announced today, Facebook said it will not be able to immediately implement it, perhaps because of collating and verifying information from multiple sides. “We cannot start enforcing these policies overnight,” the statement said.

“As it is early and the truth about COVID-19 vaccine will continue to be explored, we will regularly update the statements we remove based on the guidance of public health authorities as they learn more. about them”.

In the past, Facebook deleted a lot of misinformation about COVID-19, but only stopped at posts they said could cause “immediate physical damage” . These include erroneous statements or treatment instructions for COVID-19, which could be dangerous to apply, or claims that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was caused by a 5G cellular network or even communication. believe that viruses do not exist but are just a product of the imagination.

Facebook kiểm duyệt chặt hội anti-vax trước thềm tiêm chủng COVID-19: Gần 200 triệu fake news đã bị xóa hoặc dán nhãn - Ảnh 2.

FullFact, an independent charity, worked with Facebook to resolve misinformation. Speaking yesterday in the press, editor Tom Phillips told PA news agency: “We have seen more internet platforms taking stricter measures against misinformation about vaccines and I think. that’s the correct approach “.

However, Phillips stressed that controlling information on social networks must ensure freedom of expression. “It’s not illegal to question or worry about vaccines, and it’s important that we don’t just respond by trying to quell those questions. We allow people to ask questions, get them. answers are quality and the decisions are based on that quality information, “ Phillips said.

Between March and October, Facebook and Instagram removed 12 million pieces of misinformation related to COVID-19. In April alone, they placed warning labels on about 50 million content, and limited 95% of viewers from clicking to read false content. Between March and October, Facebook stuck warning labels on a total of 167 million pieces of content.

We have evidence that applying these warnings to posts reduces their re-shares by 8%, ” the data scientists said. In the context that we need to call for solidarity and a sense of scientific action to end the pandemic, the control of false and anti-scientific information about COVID-19 vaccine on social media is clearly needed and should be done in a timely and persistent manner.

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