Facebook threatened to stop providing news in Australia

Tram Ho

Facebook Australia director Will Easton said that if the bill that technology companies must pay Australian press agencies becomes law, Facebook “will be reluctant to stop allowing publishers and the public. Australia shares local and international news on Facebook and Instagram ”. However, Mr. Will Easton also affirmed, “this is not the first choice but the last choice”.

Mr. Will Easton also said that Facebook has invested millions of AUD in Australian press agencies. During negotiations with the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission, the agency also proposed spending millions more, but these proposals were ignored. Instead, Facebook has only two options “one is to remove all news content, the other is to accept to pay the press agencies as required by these agencies without limits”. .

“This is not how businesses operate,” said Will Easton.

 Facebook đe dọa ngừng dịch vụ cung cấp tin tức tại Australia - Ảnh 1.

Australia is working hard to force Facebook and Google to pay press services. Source Reuters.

Facebook also said that in the first five months of 2020, Facebook users clicked 2.3 billion times on Australian news content, making the press agencies about 200 million AUD. So, Mr. Will Easton stressed, the relationship between press agencies and social media is beneficial to both sides, which the bill seems to have ignored.

August 31 is the last deadline to receive comments on a draft law that requires technology companies to pay press agencies to produce content that technology companies use on the his social networking site. In the framework of this bill, technology companies such as Google and Facebook are required to negotiate with press agencies about the payment rate. If no agreement is reached, the case will be resolved by the arbitral tribunal and the arbitral tribunal’s decision is final that all parties must comply with.

The bill also requires technology companies to notify press agencies in advance of changes in algorithms that affect the appearance of news content on social networks of companies. this.

Before Facebook, Google also repeatedly opposed the bill that Australia introduced. The company even called on the community of users to join forces to increase their voice. Meanwhile, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian press agencies supported the bill and proposed only minor changes to ensure all news programs could receive payments from technology companies, avoiding Goolge and Facebook from punishing the press agencies that have received money from them./.

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