Facebook is about to launch its own live streaming and gaming app, to beat Twitch and YouTube

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Twitch and YouTube are the two biggest online gaming platforms today, nurturing game streamers who can make millions every year. But Facebook wants to change that, with an independent live streaming and gaming application.

Facebook’s new application will focus on streaming, but it is also a gaming application that can connect people. Facebook says the app will be launched for Android first, and will continue to launch for iOS as soon as Apple allows.

Facebook sắp ra mắt ứng dụng live stream và chơi game riêng, để đánh bại Twitch và YouTube - Ảnh 1.

While the Facebook Gaming platform is growing, the number of viewers is also skyrocketing because it is now the Covid-19 epidemic and many people are quarantined at home, Facebook finds that this is a good time. best to launch your app.

According to The Times report, Facebook plans to launch the app in June, but is already working on it and it will be available in April.

Fidji Simo, Facebook application manager, said: “Investing in games is our top priority, because we see that the game is an entertainment platform that can connect people very effectively. ”.

Facebook has invested in games for many years, building a streaming game platform by partnering with many streamers, gamers and content creators. Despite that, along with a platform with 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is still lagging behind by rivals Twitch and YouTube, considering the number of hours of viewing in the field of streaming games.

Twitch and YouTube almost dominated. Twitch accounted for 61% of the total hours watching streaming games in December 2019, YouTube was 28%. Microsoft’s new streaming platform, Mixer, is only 3%.

With its new application, Facebook expects to be able to beat Twitch and YouTube for this lucrative piece of pie. In the near future, Facebook will also update a lot of new features to support game streamers on its platform.

Reference: theverge

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