Facebook is about to have its own cloud game service, competing with Stadia and Project xCloud?

Tram Ho

The acquisition was announced by Facebook's gaming division, and it shows the potential of the social networking giant to take over the cloud market.

According to a report from Cinco Dias (Spain), the deal amounted to 70 million euros, or about 78 million USD. Although this is not a small number, considering the bottom of Facebook's pocket money, $ 78 million in fact is not a significant deal.

Facebook itself did not reveal what role PlayGiga would play in the company's business strategy, but the press release on the Spanish gaming company's website inadvertently gave a small clue. about this.

Specifically, PlayGiga said it would " continue its work in the field of cloud games, but now has a new mission". Just one sentence, but it again shows the intention to continue investing in cloud games instead of traditional forms of gaming such as home console business.

Facebook sắp có dịch vụ game đám mây riêng, cạnh tranh với Stadia và Project xCloud? - Ảnh 1.

Javier Polo, CEO of PlayGiga

Does this mean that Facebook is planning to launch its cloud game service, and whether this service will bring users true console games or not, we still don't know.

The influence of Facebook on the game field at the present time is still quite small, mainly limited to the light-playing games on the browser, the most popular one probably has to mention the agricultural management simulator. Farmville in the 2010s. However, when it comes to more traditional and more in-depth gaming experiences, Facebook is not really a competitor that other services have to be afraid of.

If Mark Zuckerberg's social network can provide users with a stable cloud gaming experience, then Facebook will be a threat to services like Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud – both are in the preliminary paragraph. Although Google's Stadia service has officially been launched, the number of available titles that users can play so far is quite small.

Reference: Pocket-Lint

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