Facebook is about to face a $ 35 billion lawsuit over abusing face recognition technology

Tram Ho

Facebook has failed in an attempt to stop a $ 35 billion class class action lawsuit against the abuse of facial recognition data in Illinois, USA. Their request for a hearing to prevent the case was dismissed. The case will now go to trial unless there is intervention from the Supreme Court.

The lawsuit alleges that Illinois citizens did not agree to the scanning of the images they uploaded using image recognition technology and were not informed of how long this data would be retained for when Image scans began in 2011. Facebook could face fines from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per person, and with 7 million people, the maximum amount could be up to $ 35 billion. .

Facebook sắp đối mặt với vụ kiện 35 tỷ USD vì lạm dụng công nghệ nhận diện gương mặt - Ảnh 1.

A panel of three judges rejected Facebook’s request to dismiss the lawsuit and the appeal of the class action certificate in August. One of the judges said Facebook’s “capable” face recognition data could be used to identify them on surveillance tapes or even unlock biometrics on phones. Facebook originally built this feature to bring out the ability to tag photos, when asking users whether this is them or a specific friend.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Facebook always tells people about the use of facial recognition technology and gives them control over whether it is used for them. We are looking at consider your choices and will continue to defend yourself vigorously. ”

When it was filed from 2015 to the present, Facebook has done everything to prevent this class action lawsuit, from objections to the definitions in the lawsuit to lobbying against the Information Privacy Act. Biometrics

The threat of huge fines of up to $ 35 billion contributed to a 2.25% drop in Facebook’s share price yesterday.

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