Facebook Horizon: Heaven or digital prison?

Tram Ho

Facebook Horizon: Thiên đường hay nhà tù số? - Ảnh 1.

Horizon was personally introduced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has long understood that the number of registered users (RU) is everything, but daily user (DAU) is much more important. That is a lesson that no Vietnamese social network can apply, when the RU is high but the DAU is low, the death will be heralded.

Therefore, even in each different market, Facebook must find ways to customize the feature to retain users for as long as possible. For the Vietnamese market only, Facebook has pure Vietnamese content, from a store of folk games to quality videos produced by users, plus Vietnamese streamers actively working on this platform to keep viewers. day and night.

Projects or companies that Facebook has acquired throughout all this time serve this ultimate purpose, from Instagram to Oculus VR. And the upcoming Horizon project is such a thing, only no one knows if this is a gateway to paradise or a ticket directly to a digital prison, where Facebook “detains” its users regardless. time.

From entertainment heaven …

Through the trailer of Horizon, it can be seen that this is an online VR game building life simulation. Players will build a virtual society in this game and interact with players, also other Facebook users, through the Oculus VR virtual reality headset.

In addition to simulation, Horizon will still be an entertaining online game with smaller games built inside in first-person perspective (FPV), platformer, and golf ( sport) and everything that users want to see and everywhere they want to go.

Facebook Horizon: Thiên đường hay nhà tù số? - Ảnh 2.

User can play any game in Horizon.

The power of the toolkit in Horizon is reminiscent of the most popular games today like Minecraft or earlier, The Sims and Second Life. Even though it’s just a simple cube game released in 2009, Minecraft still has 126 million monthly players, who are still spending hours of free every day just building virtual worlds in it.

Horizon is currently at the end of closed beta in the US and Canada. Since last week, users around the world have been able to sign up and wait for their turn, with the requirement to equip an Oculus VR headset and a Horizon account.

The biggest problem today is that the price of this virtual reality headset is not cheap, equivalent to a mid-range smartphone. However, Facebook can completely lower the selling price and offset the loss with software revenue from Horizon.

… to the digital prison?

Facebook’s destination is just sitting at home, users can also go to anywhere in the world. This is what comes to mind when Facebook has built two virtual areas called Venues and Alcove.

Venues, as the name implies, is a world where Facebook users can listen to concerts, watch racing tournaments, and eSports sports leagues online. Meanwhile, Alcove is a virtual house with full modern amenities. Users can even turn on the TV and watch the programs on it without using a real TV. Further, users can invite friends to travel to real-world landmarks that have been rebuilt in the Horizon world.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people playing games and watching videos continuously is reported to be high on all platforms, especially mobile. And if there is an additional Horizon, it is difficult for users to get out of the digital entertainment matrix with the aforementioned.

Facebook Horizon: Thiên đường hay nhà tù số? - Ảnh 3.

Facebook could lock billions of users into the virtual world of Horizon.

Optimists may think this will be unlikely, especially in a demanding gaming market like Vietnam. But they also forget that Facebook is the place that sparked trends such as bombarding your home in Pirate Kings in 2015, rushing to catch animals in Pokemon Go in 2016 or most recently changing cartoon avatars.

So, when Facebook takes control of the game itself, nothing can make it difficult for this social network to entice users. The only problem is that users will see this as an entertainment paradise in their spare time or become a slave to build free content for Facebook in this digital prison.

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