Facebook has another problem: Automatically open the camera app on iPhone when users are surfing Newsfeed. Need to update your device now to fix it!

Tram Ho

It seems that the word "security" is always an obsession with Facebook. Over the past 2 years, the world's largest social network has faced many severe criticisms surrounding this issue. Recently, users resurfaced with Facebook by a very worrying error: Automatically turn on the phone camera when users are surfing the newsfeed on its application.

Specifically, this strange error occurs to iPhone users, especially when they watch videos or photos on Facebook newsfeed. Each time they rotate horizontally / vertically on the phone screen to watch videos, the camera application will start automatically and run in the background as the video below.

The camera application starts automatically whenever the user rotates horizontally / vertically on the screen to watch videos on Facebook.

Immediately, this issue was discussed by people on Twitter, complaining and criticizing. Daryl Lasafin, a creative director, said: “ The Facebook app on iOS 13.2.2 automatically opens the rear camera on my phone when I click to view a representative photo. This is the fault of Facebook or iOS so people?

Joshua Maddox, a website designer and digital strategy expert, shared: “ There are more problems with Facebook's security, people. When opening this application, it will automatically activate the camera on the phone ”.

Can see the camera interface peeking out of the left edge of the phone screen makes users extremely uncomfortable. (Video: Do ​​Trung Hieu)

Facebook also didn't let users wait long when almost immediately, they acknowledged this bizarre security bug, and rushed to proceed with the patch. " We recently discovered a minor bug in the iOS session application when users used to rotate across the screen, " said Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice president of product management . We fixed that bug with the v246 update last week, but unfortunately this update caused a new problem: Automatically opening the rear camera of the phone when a user clicks on an image. ”.

We have sent updates to the App Store and are awaiting their approval. Currently, the Facebook team is still actively researching and learning more about this issue, including the status of the camera's operation after being accidentally activated. We will be releasing an update early today . ”

UPDATE: The latest Facebook patch has been approved by the App Store. Users can download immediately to overcome the above situation.

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