Facebook has a new interface, Dark Mode will appear as early as 2020

Tram Ho

Over the past few months, Facebook has implemented this new design to “a small number” of users to test the interface and refer to feedback to be widely released. If you are opted in to this beta test, you will see a message advising you to convert. But, as CNET noted, you can still choose to go back to the old design.

Facebook also confirmed to CNET that it is currently planning to release “The New Facebook” interface to everyone this spring. That means users will see this design soon in their accounts before March 19.

Facebook có giao diện mới, Dark Mode sẽ xuất hiện ngay đầu 2020 - Ảnh 1.

One of the outstanding features of this design is the new dark mode option. However, it is not clear whether this option is enabled based on macOS’s system settings. This Facebook interface has a lighter and lighter design, but the new dark mode settings are the most noticeable.

Other improvements also include reducing the appearance of the classic blue-white color scheme from Facebook, the wider sidebar, the navigation bar designed in iOS style and at the top.

Facebook still doesn’t support Dark Mode for its apps on iOS, though both Facebook Messenger and Instagram already have it. There is no information to suggest that Facebook will bring this Dark Mode to the iOS app.

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Source : Genk