Facebook falls out of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world

Tram Ho

Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft topped the 2019 world’s most valuable brand rankings by consulting firm Interbrand.

Interbrand has just released the report “Best Global Brand 2019” with the dominance of technology companies like Facebook “flying” out of the top 10. Interbrand is a brand consulting firm belonging to Omnicom Group. They value brand equity based on the business results of products and services, the role of brands in user purchasing decisions, brand competitiveness and ability to create loyalty. Fort. This is the 20th year Interbrand made this report.

Daniel Binns, CEO of Interbrand in New York (USA), said that the fact that Facebook is not in the top 10 is due to privacy and security issues. Facebook first entered the report in 2012 at 69, peaking in 2017 at eighth. In 2019, the social network ranked 14th. Mr. Binns said: “They obviously had a tough year. Apple is good at consolidating privacy, so is Microsoft. ”

Facebook continues to handle security-related issues and is monitored on how user data is handled. The company is also subject to antitrust investigations. Facebook is not the only major tech firm being watched for anticompetitive behavior. Google, Amazon, Apple also suffer but it seems that the reputation of Facebook is much more damaged than rivals.

The top 10 most valuable brands in the world in 2019 are: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s and Disney.

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Source : TechTalk