Facebook began tightening interaction for viral posts, fake accounts view will no longer live

Tram Ho

Facebook announced that it will require verification of the identity of accounts with viral posts. But posts that are spread and highly interactive, or can be interpreted as many Likes, Share and Comments, will be limited interaction if the account posting the article has not been verified identity.

Facebook said the move was aimed at restricting posts from bots and anonymous users, limiting misinformation to be widely shared. That means that fake accounts of celebrities, to attract interaction, will no longer have a way of life.

Facebook bắt đầu siết chặt tương tác đối với các bài viết viral, tài khoản giả mạo câu view sẽ không còn đường sống - Ảnh 1.

Accounts with lots of viral posts with high interaction, will be required to verify their identity with Facebook by sending personal information, be it a photo of citizenship or identification.

If this information does not match the account information, Facebook will reduce the interaction of the posts posted with this account, limiting the number of people seeing them on the News Feed.

If these unverified accounts are administrators of a Page on Facebook, then that account will be banned from operating the Page unless verified by the terms of the Facebook Page Publisher Authorization Process.

These changes are part of Facebook’s effort to encourage people to use their real identities while eliminating fake accounts.

Reference: theverge

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