Facebook accepts compensation to avoid litigation over user data disclosure

Tram Ho

Facebook chấp nhận bồi thường để tránh kiện tụng vụ lộ dữ liệu người dùng - Ảnh 1.
Facebook agreed to compensate the scandal for third parties to access user data – Photo: REUTERS

According to documents filed in court in San Francisco late on August 26 (US time), Meta said it was working out a draft “preliminary agreement in principle” and asked to stop proceedings in 60 days to finalize the draft.

Meta did not disclose the specific terms nor the amount of the agreement.

In 2018, Facebook users sued the company after learning the social network violated user privacy regulations by sharing their personal data with third parties, including Cambridge. Analytica, a company linked to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The data of 87 million users was collected and shared by Facebook without their consent.

Information about Meta’s compensation agreement comes in the context that in September, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg and former CEO Sheryl Sandberg will testify in court related to this data scandal. .

The Cambridge Analytica company (now closed) collected and exploited the personal data of 87 million Facebook users thanks to this social network’s access.

This information is said to be used to develop software to influence US voters to support Mr. Trump.

In 2019, the US federal government fined Facebook $5 billion for misleading users and forcing independent oversight of the company’s management of personal data.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has removed access to the data of thousands of suspected abusive apps, limiting the amount of information available to app developers and allowing users to easily choose which apps to choose from. restrictions on sharing personal data.

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Source : Genk