Explaining the technological power that made Panasonic’s victory at Ashui Award 2022

Tram Ho

20 years ahead

nanoe™ was first researched and developed by Panasonic more than 20 years ago. Since then, this comprehensive health solution provider from Japan has recognized a problem that is the need to research technologies derived from nature to help solve the problem of air pollution in the world. home when the population is increasing and the living environment is seriously affected by human activities.

Exactly what Panasonic has “seen” before. Air pollution has become one of the most frequently mentioned issues in today’s newspapers. According to the latest report of the Institute of Health Effects, the average life expectancy of the global population is reduced by about 1.8 years due to air pollution, including 0.7 years due to fine dust pollution PM2.5 in the home. That is not to mention other agents such as bacteria, viruses, molds, etc., which always exist in the air.

To date, nanoe™ has been developed through several generations of new technologies including nanoe-G and nanoe™ X to help improve indoor air quality and is fully in line with the new trend in the green building industry, when taking People are the center but still have to ensure environmental protection factors.

Lý giải sức mạnh công nghệ làm nên chiến thắng của Panasonic tại Ashui Award 2022 - Ảnh 1.

Panasonic was honored as Engineering Firm at the Ashui Award 2022 of the year for its breakthrough nanoe™ X technology.

According to Mr. Murakami Yusuke, Managing Director of Panasonic Air-Conditioning Vietnam, nanoe™ X technology has the ability to inhibit mold, pollen, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and deodorize while keeping moisture. for skin and hair. Especially on air conditioners, nanoe™ X can work independently of cooling and heating modes, with a power consumption of only 25W, equivalent to an LED bulb, not only helping to clean the space but also clean the space. It also saves electricity, completely meeting the criteria in green construction.

Inspiration from nature

nanoe™ X technology is inspired by the highly reactive and highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that are abundant in nature. However, Panasonic engineers have worked to overcome the short-life disadvantage of hydroxyl radicals by encapsulating these radicals in water. As a result, their lifespan is increased from 1 second to 600 seconds, giving them the ability to creep into every corner of the room to clean the air.

After many improvements, in the latest generation to be released in 2023, 3rd generation nanoe™ X can generate up to 48 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second, 100 times more than the first nanoe™ generation. As a result, nanoe™ X’s anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-odor effectiveness is also increased by 4 times. Currently, nanoe™ X has been included in Panasonic’s latest air conditioner lines including residential air conditioners, local commercial air conditioners FS for small and medium projects, VRF central air conditioners for projects. big. Some car manufacturers have also integrated nanoe™ X in their models.

Lý giải sức mạnh công nghệ làm nên chiến thắng của Panasonic tại Ashui Award 2022 - Ảnh 2.

nanoe™ X uses hydroxyl radicals to clean the air, protecting users’ health 24/7.

For Vietnamese consumers, Panasonic is a familiar brand for not only one, or even many generations with more than 5 decades of operation in Vietnam. In 2020, this company aims to become a pioneer brand providing comprehensive health solutions, with a trio of “tripod” including a comprehensive clean air solution, a germicidal solution and a healthcare solution.

In particular, nanoe™ X is considered as one of the key technologies to help the company fulfill its mission of contributing to a healthy and sustainable Vietnam through innovative solutions and technologies that put people as the core. center. The Ashui Awards is an objective recognition from a third party for what nanoe™ X has been and is bringing to users in Vietnam.

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