Experience the camera on Realme 7 Pro: No need to be too excellent, but having its own quality is enough

Tram Ho

Realme, OPPO’s sub-brand, has recently launched the Realme 7 Pro, Realme’s latest smartphone in the Vietnamese market. This is a mid-range model and has many advantages, especially the main camera cluster with 64MP resolution.

The Realme 7 Pro is essentially an upgraded version of the standard Realme 7 launched around the same time. However, the upgrade of the Realme 7 Pro does not come from the camera cluster, but from other factors. In the framework of this article, we will not go into the difference between the two machines, but will focus on the camera performance of the Realme 7 Pro in particular and the Realme 7 series in general.

Trải nghiệm camera trên Realme 7 Pro: Không cần quá xuất sắc nhưng có chất riêng là đủ - Ảnh 1.

Realme 7 Pro

First, a little bit about the camera parameters of Realme 7 Pro: The machine is equipped with a cluster of 4 main cameras on the back including the following:

64 MP , f / 1.8: Wide angle camera, 26mm focal point conversion, PDAF

8 MP , f / 2.3: Ultra-wide camera, 119˚ viewing angle, 16mm focal length conversion

2 MP , f / 2.4: Macro camera

2 MP , f / 2.4: Depth camera

Trải nghiệm camera trên Realme 7 Pro: Không cần quá xuất sắc nhưng có chất riêng là đủ - Ảnh 3.

Looking at the main camera parameters above, we can immediately recognize a pretty big shortcoming that many users can pay attention to, which is the absence of the telephoto camera. Indeed at the present time, telephoto cameras are one of the factors that are almost equipped on most mid-range and above cameras, even many low-cost ones are also equipped with this camera to support the shooting ability. portrait photos, because we all know the long focal length camera is always the ideal camera for portrait photography.

However, the lack of a telephoto camera is not a big deal on the Realme 7 Pro.

Lack of telephoto camera, but compensates with high resolution of 64MP

Realme 7 Pro does not have a telephoto camera, but with the main 64MP camera, when used in 2x zoom mode, the machine will automatically crop the frame of a 64MP photo down and then upscale up to have a 16MP photo. In addition to the super wide-angle mode, in the 1x, 2x and 5x modes, the image output has a resolution of 16MP (3456 x 4608).

Trải nghiệm camera trên Realme 7 Pro: Không cần quá xuất sắc nhưng có chất riêng là đủ - Ảnh 4.

Photo taken from 2x mode of Realme 7 Pro is a cropped image from 64MP and then upscale to 16MP resolution.

A 2x cropped image from a 64MP image still gives a relatively good quality, without losing too much detail. In addition, the advantage of this is that users will take full advantage of the large aperture of f / 1.8, which makes low-light shots a little better.

Realme 7 Pro’s own photo quality

Until now, OPPO has always been appreciated by users for its camera capabilities, and it has also brought this strength to the Realme product line. The camera of OPPO and Realme is not necessarily the best in terms of factors such as detail, sharpness or features, but considering the color of the image alone, I feel quite ” yes “.

Pictures taken from the main camera of Realme 7 Pro always have a slightly more vivid direction than reality, creating a more positive feeling for the photos. This is quite suitable for users who often take pictures of “instant noodles”, after taking photos and post them on social networks without having to edit too much, because the AI ​​of the machine has partially processed the color of the image according to the effect. brighter, especially in fine weather such as sunny, bright sky, green leaves beautifully reproduced.

Try shooting in low light with Realme 7 Pro, the machine still produces good quality images enough for users to post on social networks. The detail of the image is reduced and the image becomes blurred due to the image noise reduction, but if you do not zoom in on every detail, it is difficult to recognize such spots.

Surprise with portrait mode

So far, every time I have the opportunity to experience smartphones of OPPO and Realme, I feel extremely excited about the portrait mode of the device. Portrait photos from smartphones of OPPO and Realme are always quite good quality compared to the common smartphone market in the market.

Portrait photos erase fonts from OPPO devices give good quality and good font removal effect even with a cheap device like OPPO A31

OPPO does very dark in optimizing the image processing algorithm to remove fonts on smartphones. The camera of the device with the help of a depth sensor is capable of separating the background and subject very well. Background removal effect is also highly appreciated by me because it simulates relatively well compared to using specialized cameras and portrait lenses.

Portrait photos from Realme 7 Pro: Retaining the same quality of OPPO smartphones, human skin is reproduced in accordance with Asian skin color, photos still have a certain freshness, flattering blue and algorithm Good background separation.

Realme 7 Pro: The camera is not too great, but suitable for many people

Thus, even though it is a smartphone in the mid-range segment, Realme 7 Pro performed relatively well in terms of camera. The camera focuses well on the shooting modes that many users use most: landscape, portrait and night. For users who are “dabbling in”, Realme 7 Pro also offers many other shooting modes such as professional photography with manual parameters, macro photography, cinematographic 21: 9 ratio. timelapse, hyperlapse, slow motion …

Trải nghiệm camera trên Realme 7 Pro: Không cần quá xuất sắc nhưng có chất riêng là đủ - Ảnh 10.

Realme 7 Pro is currently priced at 8.99 million, which is a relatively high price when compared to competitors in the market. However, in return Realme 7 Pro has highlights such as a beautiful Super AMOLED screen, large battery capacity or 65W fast charging technology (fastest in the segment).

Trải nghiệm camera trên Realme 7 Pro: Không cần quá xuất sắc nhưng có chất riêng là đủ - Ảnh 11.

If only in terms of camera factor, users can also choose the Realme 7 standard version with the price of 6.99 million VND, relatively lower than the Pro version but with the same main rear camera system. With the regular version, users will have a standard IPS LCD screen with a higher 120Hz refresh rate. This is also a reasonable choice in the price segment under 7 million.

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