Experience JBL GO 3: Pro Sound sound in a tiny “chameleon”, IP67 waterproof to “swing” anywhere

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Besides headphones, the wireless speakers are also gradually becoming a must-have accessory with young people to “dance” anytime, anywhere, from traveling to being alone in the room.

Experience JBL GO 3.

Recently, JBL has just continued to launch a new line of ultra-compact portable speakers called GO 3, inheriting a beautiful boxy design, a diverse collection of shell colors and many upgrades in sound quality and character. power. We had the opportunity to experience this speaker and completely satisfied with what JBL can do on GO 3.

Design: beautiful but durable “chameleon”

The reason for calling JBL GO 3 is a chameleon because the speaker has 10 different color options, from monochrome such as black, white, red, blue, pink to the combination colors of yellow – green, blue. – Pink … very personality. The outer material is mostly flexible rubber combined with knitted fabric, creating a durable case with good shock resistance. JBL GO 3 also meets IP67 dust and water resistance standards, meaning you can soak the speaker under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without fear of damage.

Trải nghiệm JBL GO 3: Âm thanh Pro Sound trong thân hình “tắc kè hoa” bé xíu, chống nước IP67 để “quẩy” mọi nơi - Ảnh 2.

JBL GO 3 weighs exactly 209 grams, is compact enough to fit in your hand, pocket your pants or carry it in a comfortable backpack.

A few other pluses about the JBL GO 3 design are the very bouncing, easy-to-operate buttons; use USB-C charging port instead of old microUSB; Smart USB-A charger design doesn’t worry about reverse plugging; It has a convenient hanger and the speaker can be placed either standing or lying comfortably to play music.

Sound quality: “Small but martial” is real!

Looking at the tiny JBL Go 3, the maximum volume of the speaker is extremely loud, completely enough to hear comfortably in a room about 30m2 wide. Inside the speaker is a 1.5-inch full-range driver, 4.2W power and comes with a passive subwoofer right next to support to enhance the bass.

Trải nghiệm JBL GO 3: Âm thanh Pro Sound trong thân hình “tắc kè hoa” bé xíu, chống nước IP67 để “quẩy” mọi nơi - Ảnh 3.

JBL GO 3 uses a 1.5-inch full-range driver and a passive subwoofer. Both are located on the front of the speaker, so the sound will be directed to the “already” headset.

The familiar traditional V-shape sound quality on JBL’s speakers is still retained at GO 3 with deep, powerful bass, while the high range is very clear and detailed. JBL Pro Sound technology seems very effective in enhancing the sound quality so that when high volume is turned on, there will be no distortion or breakage.

Try to open Get Lucky by Daft Punk, JBL GO 3 shows very good instruments, from the bass of the drum, the melody of the guitar and the voice of Pharrell all float out. With softer songs, such as Adele’s Someone like you, the speaker perfectly expresses the low notes of the piano, but her voice is somewhat thinner, not as warm as before. hope.

Trải nghiệm JBL GO 3: Âm thanh Pro Sound trong thân hình “tắc kè hoa” bé xíu, chống nước IP67 để “quẩy” mọi nơi - Ảnh 4.

JBL GO 3 with vibrant sound quality is suitable for electronic music, EDM, Hip-hop which are popular today.

Anyway, JBL GO 3 is also aimed at users who love electronic audio, so this is just a tiny minus point, which can be ignored.

Features: Full, no redundancy

In addition to the JBL Pro Sound technology mentioned above, the GO 3 also has built-in Bluetooth 5.1 for low signal latency, high stability, and supports 2 codecs A2DP1.3 and AVRCP 1.6.

Trải nghiệm JBL GO 3: Âm thanh Pro Sound trong thân hình “tắc kè hoa” bé xíu, chống nước IP67 để “quẩy” mọi nơi - Ảnh 5.

In addition to the software feature inside, the IP67-rated waterproof shell is also a big plus of JBL GO 3.

In practical use, the JBL GO 3 can reach 5 hours of music playback at 60% volume and about 4 hours at maximum volume. Since the speaker is emphasized on compactness, it fits into a pocket, so this number is not bad either. Not to mention, the speaker also has a plus point is the convenient USB type-C port, completely waterproof, without the need for a rubber cover that can be loose or broken after a period of use.

Conclusion: Is the option worth the money?

Trải nghiệm JBL GO 3: Âm thanh Pro Sound trong thân hình “tắc kè hoa” bé xíu, chống nước IP67 để “quẩy” mọi nơi - Ảnh 6.

Of course. Although the battery life can be considered a bit low compared to some other models of the same price range, the JBL GO 3 is completely eaten by sound quality and exterior design. This is definitely a speaker worth considering to buy to “get around” this Tet, or to give as gifts to friends and relatives is also extremely suitable. The product is priced at 990,000 VND with 10 color options, on the shelves at genuine retailers (official partner of PGI Co., LTD) nationwide as well as on official JBL booths. on e-commerce floors.

If you are interested, you can see more information about JBL GO 3 and order it HERE.

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