Excited to return to childhood, gamers always sell PS5 to buy “antique” Nintendo 64, the system was launched 25 years ago

Tram Ho

Sony has officially opened the sale of PlayStation 5 (PS5) since the end of last year, but not everyone has the luck to own this latest generation console early. The shortage of components supply has severely affected the number of machines, and also pushed up product prices to unbelievable levels. There were times when a genuine PS5 was sold in Vietnam for more than VND 20 million , not to mention the money for accessories or game discs.

However, recently, a gamer with the nickname Traxus (of the ResetEra forum) was shocked when he decided to sell his PS5 walk to buy a Nintendo 64 – a gaming device launched 25 years ago. . In addition, this guy also bought a small collection including all the old games that were associated with his childhood.

Nổi hứng trở về tuổi thơ, game thủ bán luôn PS5 để mua “đồ cổ” Nintendo 64, hệ máy đã ra mắt từ 25 năm trước - Ảnh 1.

During the period when gamers were aggressively scouring Sony’s most advanced console, this guy decided to sell his PS5 to buy Nintendo64.

Don’t get me wrong, the N64 is a great gaming system, and perhaps also one of the most engaging forms of entertainment more than two decades ago. I myself used to “plow through” a series of famous games on this system, and until now, sometimes sitting back and playing still feels irresistible. However, in the midst of the shortage of goods as mentioned above, selling a PS5 walk to buy an N64 is really a bold move that not everyone dares to do, especially when we have many other options such as: emulator on computer or phone.

Explaining this strange decision, Traxus said that his childhood passion was suddenly aroused when he accidentally saw a broken CRT TV abandoned on the side of the road. He shared: ” The images of my childhood, the haunting “relics” of the past have invited me, just like how the mermaid seduces the sailors with her voice in old stories. . And so I decided to return to the N64, increase the game collection for this system, almost broke my back when hunting for a 27-inch Sony Trinitron TV, and sold the PS5 Digital Edition set to serve my hobby. his strange. My wife was furious at my decision.

Nổi hứng trở về tuổi thơ, game thủ bán luôn PS5 để mua “đồ cổ” Nintendo 64, hệ máy đã ra mắt từ 25 năm trước - Ảnh 2.

The Nintendo 64 system has brought many classic games that have stuck with childhood for generations such as Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time.

Besides, Traxus also said that he likes PS5 very much and will buy a new console in the near future: ” I have experienced the first PS5 games, and my game library is still there but not lost. afraid to go anywhere. Maybe I’ll come back when the shortage is resolved, the hardware is upgraded better or at least more stable.

I have kids, and I think classic consoles like the N64 with rough 3D graphics are perfect, fun for kids. I “battled” Super Mario 64 with my son, and it still feels the same as when I was enjoying this game in 1996.

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