“Excellent Vietnamese entertainment platform” FPT Play introduces a series of new features

Tram Ho

Recently, FPT Play was honored by the Tech Awards 2022 as “Excellent Vietnamese entertainment platform” at the event on the evening of January 6. This event reaffirms the strong position of the unit in the field of television services. Receiving the majority of votes from users, experts and technology reporters, this is a worthy recognition for FPT Play’s continuous efforts.

In the context of increasingly high and diverse user needs, FPT Play introduces many new features with the desire to maximize the utilities, aiming to personalize and rejuvenate the TV viewing experience. promises to bring many surprises to Vietnamese audiences.

Watch Content “Capture” Moments

“Moments” is one of the important updates that FPT Play introduced in January this year. In the form of a player, Moments is the common name for featured videos (highlights) with a maximum length of 60 seconds, extracted from sports tournaments, entertainment programs and feature films on FPT Play. .

“Nền tảng giải trí Việt xuất sắc” FPT Play giới thiệu loạt tính năng mới - Ảnh 1.

With the number of Moments being posted continuously and regularly, users can use the “surf” operation to continuously view and find the content they love. The system will automatically navigate to the viewing page, making it easy for the audience to fully enjoy the content they have selected.

Research by the Technical University of Denmark, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that the attention span of humans is on a downward trend. In cyberspace, more and more content appears, competing for attention, and strongly influencing user behavior.

“Nền tảng giải trí Việt xuất sắc” FPT Play giới thiệu loạt tính năng mới - Ảnh 2.

As a result, the average follow-up period is gradually shortened, giving way to an increased number of topics searched. With the help of major social media platforms, short videos have become familiar and popular, even predicted by experts to have the potential to overtake traditional search engines.

Facing this trend, Ms. Tran Thu Trang – Deputy General Director of FPT Play – said: “As a unit with a large market share in the TV service market in Vietnam, we define customer experience as Strategic priority for all improvements of FPT Play.In the long-term view, we have foreseen the inevitable change in user habits early on. Therefore, the Moments player has been built as a bridge. useful connection between young audiences and unique and exclusive content on FPT Play.”

“Nền tảng giải trí Việt xuất sắc” FPT Play giới thiệu loạt tính năng mới - Ảnh 3.

Displaying priority on the interface of the FPT Play system, these “Moments” can also be easily found and shared through the website fptplay.vn and the mobile application (app), making it easy for users. easily spread the impressive content to friends and relatives.

A match of three experiences

Not only “Moments”, FPT Play also brings many surprises with Multi-audio feature and Low tendency technology. Pioneered by FPT Play from a series of matches within the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022, the Multi-audio feature has brought more ways to enjoy for different audiences on all platforms.

“Nền tảng giải trí Việt xuất sắc” FPT Play giới thiệu loạt tính năng mới - Ảnh 4.

For those who have the opportunity to sit in front of the TV/phone screen for 90 minutes, FPT Play fans have an option to watch football with a completely new style. Not only acting as a narrator, the commentator also actively communicates and “judges” the audience’s comments in real time. Besides the familiar “serious” approach for a long time, the youthfulness, wit and direct interaction of the new style make the Multi-audio feature on FPT Play receive a lot of positive feedback.

If you can’t spend time “watching” football, fans will not have to miss their favorite matches. Through the broadcast method in the program “Listen to Football”, found in the Platio section on FPT Play system, the audience can still fully live in the passionate atmosphere of football through detailed narration, feelings of veteran and young editors.

“Nền tảng giải trí Việt xuất sắc” FPT Play giới thiệu loạt tính năng mới - Ảnh 5.

Besides, the Low tendency technology that FPT Play will apply in the near future is also expected to provide a complete football experience for users when minimizing signal deviation, which is insignificant, between the two technologies. OTT and IPTV television technology.

Download the FPT Play application at https://fptplay.vn/ung-dung/download , register an account and own or own an iZi/MAX/SPORT/VIP service package to enjoy thousands of unique content. For more information, contact hotline 19006600.

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