Epione – pioneering ergonomic brand for Vietnamese people

Tram Ho

Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 1.

Recently, the concept of ergonomic products has been gradually becoming more familiar to users in Vietnam. Thanks to body-optimized design and features, focusing on solving user’s health problems, ergonomic products are attracting more and more attention from the market.

However, there is a problem that with high-quality products from famous brands in the world, their prices are really difficult to reach a large number of Vietnamese users, if not quite expensive. Red. This has made users tend to choose chairs that are not really optimal.

Epione, an ergonomic brand, was born to bring to market premium quality products at affordable prices, giving consumers more quality choices for their health.

Modern features

One of the biggest attractions, that make up the real value of ergonomic products is their functionality. By researching and collaborating with the world’s leading manufacturing partners in the field of chair manufacturing, their chairs are equipped with the latest features and tailored to the real needs of users.

Examples can be mentioned as the company’s Epione Ergo Chair Pro ergonomic chair, with many upgraded features that are really worthwhile compared to products currently on the market. In addition to useful features such as 3D headrests, 2D seats and 4D armrests that can be adjusted flexibly, … a feature only found in high-end products with prices up to 30 million VND – mechanical 16 degrees forward reclining mechanism – has also been invested in by Epione in its product.

Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 2.

It is thanks to these features that the process of using and working with Epione products will be much more comfortable and easier. From there, keeping focus for a long time will not put too much pressure on the body, ensuring the health of the user, and increasing work performance.

Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 3.

High quality material

To be able to optimize its superior features, Epione also invests in extremely high-quality materials for its ergonomic product lines. To overcome the limitations of facilities as well as machinery and equipment of domestic manufacturers, the company has chosen to combine with leading partners in the world in the industry such as Krall & Roth of Germany, Donati from Italy, Samhongsa from Korea,…

These high-quality materials will have the same characteristics of optimizing the user experience in the most comfortable, smooth, and durable way over time, helping Epione’s products to have extreme quality and perfection. impressive period. This is with the desire from the team to develop world-quality products for Vietnamese users

Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 4.
Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 5.

Professional service

For those who do not know, Epione is a brand founded and operated by the team of SiliconZ, a well-known technology startup in the Vietnamese market. In more than two years of establishment and development, SiliconZ has made many achievements, leaving a mark in the hearts of customers with extremely professional, thoughtful and dedicated service quality. This will be a huge strength for Epione compared to foreign brands, as customers can now use its products with complete peace of mind without worrying about warranty and after-sales issues.

Epione - thương hiệu ergonomic tiên phong dành cho người Việt - Ảnh 6.

With such high quality, but thanks to working directly with manufacturers, the price of Epione products is thoroughly optimized. Compared with products of the same quality, coming from major brands in the world, Epione’s ergonomic products are priced at only 1/3 of the price, enabling many Vietnamese to have access to the best products. Really quality product.

In short, the appearance of Epione promises to bring users health care products that serve extremely well at affordable prices. This also heralds a movement to use high-quality ergonomic products in the Vietnamese market, opening the era of smart work.

To learn more about ergonomics and ergonomic products from Epione, readers can refer to the website https://epionelab.vn . This website contains a wealth of useful information to help you build an ergonomic workspace on your own.

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