Epic Games sued Apple and Google, for removing Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store

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The developer and publisher of the game, Epic Games, has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google for removing the hit game Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store. Previously, Epic Games launched a direct payment method in the game Fortnite, to avoid paying fees through the App Store and Play Store.

In its lawsuit, Epic Games accused Apple’s Apple Store and Google’s Play Store as monopolies. The limitation in choosing the form of payment makes other applications not have a chance of fair competition.

Epic Games khởi kiện Apple và Google, vì xóa bỏ Fortnite khỏi App Store và Play Store - Ảnh 1.

Epic Games said it sued to reclaim fairness and end the monopoly of Apple and Google. Epic Games does not require the court to pay cash compensation, or to seek policies in its own favor. Epic Games wants to find ways to help app developers and users alike.

Epic Games accused Apple of monopolizing the iOS ecosystems and the App Store, linking back and being the only way to bring apps to iPhone or iPad devices. And yet, Apple also requires developers and users to use their payment method, thereby giving Apple 30% commission from these payments.

For Google, the search giant is more comfortable than Apple in allowing developers to bring apps to Android. Google even allows third-party app stores to function, such as the Epic Games App, or to bring apps to Android through a web link without the Play Store. This is something Apple never accepted.

However, Google is like Apple, earning a 30% commission on all in-app and game purchases. Google also accepts only one form of payment of its own.

“Google promises a healthy competitive platform,” said Epic Games . But in the end use my payment policy to create barriers for other applications “ . Before that, Fortnite was released to Android via a direct link, it was not until April of this year that it was officially released on the Play Store.

However, Epic Games does not accept to have to share 30% of revenue for Apple and Google, which many developers have previously opposed. Epic Games’ lawsuit is likely to spark a bigger war between app developers and the two giants Apple, Google.

Reference: theverge

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