‘Endoscopic sound quality of Meridian Audio in LG XBOOM Go speakers

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‘Nội soi’ chất âm Meridian Audio trong loa LG XBOOM Go - Ảnh 1.

Speaker XBOOM GO 2020 PL series

Meridian Audio Portrait

In the Audio market, Meridian is a big name from the UK, born in 1977. After more than 40 years of development, Meridian has always remained loyal to its philosophy of creating high quality sound based on deep research. human ears. That is why Meridian has been selected as the audio partner of a series of big names such as Land Rover, Jaguar, British Airways and LG. Integrating sound into small portable devices that can be portable, but still have to ensure sound quality at the highest resolution is always a challenge for audio companies. However, Meridian has done and successfully done with the LG XBOOM Go.

How did LG and Meridian Audio work together?

Before talking about the element of technology collaboration, it must be seen that both LG and Meridian share the value of sound: working together towards the goal of creating compact but high-quality portable audio devices. . So what are the sound technologies inside the tiny XBOOM Go that are so mesmerizing?

‘Nội soi’ chất âm Meridian Audio trong loa LG XBOOM Go - Ảnh 2.

LG XBOOM GO 2020 speaker PN series

The secret lies in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that allows the LG XBOOM Go speaker to have absolute control over the audio signal. Meridian has repeatedly demonstrated superb audio signal control in a wide range of products, including testing the “classic coin” with a 50-cent British coin on the Special Edition DSP8000 speaker cover. The volume is turned on to maximum making the ceiling tiles vibrate according to the sound of the speaker, but the coin does not have any even the slightest movement.

In addition to the complete control of the sound, LG also cooperates with Meridian in integrating many other technologies to enhance the audio experience for users. For LG XBOOM Go speakers, Meridian applies 2 audio standards: Meridian Lossless Packing and Master Quality Authenticated.

Specifically, Meridian Lossless Packing technology is the official compression technology for DVD audio standard developed by Meridian itself and later sold to Dolby to create Dolby True HD. And Master Quality Authenticated technology is a revolutionary technology that enables efficient music streaming with the highest possible sound quality. This explains why the sound of XBOOM Go is high definition, clear, without distortion even when turned on at maximum volume. Thanks to these technologies, LG has confidently placed the Sound Boost button to amplify the formal sound right on the front of the XBOOM Go.

‘Nội soi’ chất âm Meridian Audio trong loa LG XBOOM Go - Ảnh 3.

Speaker XBOOM Go 2020 includes 3 lines of speakers PL2, PL5, PL7 and 2 lines of speaker PN5, PN7. Although different in size and design, the same design language is equipped with a subwoofer system with impedance and passive diaphragm system to ensure that the sound always meets 3 criteria: bass deep, vivid treble and clear vocals. LG also cleverly designed the speaker system for the XBOOM Go to ensure that the sound is pushed out both vertically and horizontally, making it easy for listeners to enjoy the full enjoyment regardless of position.

‘Nội soi’ chất âm Meridian Audio trong loa LG XBOOM Go - Ảnh 4.

The ability to connect multiple speakers to resonate sound is also an outstanding technology that LG equips the XBOOM Go to show off the full Meridian sound quality. PL5, PL7 and PN5, PL7 series can connect up to 100 speakers, enough to conquer any music space.

Finally, LG physically protects the Meridian as much as possible thanks to its silicon-coated cylindrical design on the PL series and the handle on the PN series. With this design, LG increases the impact resistance for XBOOM Go, not to mention IPX5 water resistance, so even in any environment, it is impossible to stop XBOOM Go from ‘speaking’.

‘Nội soi’ chất âm Meridian Audio trong loa LG XBOOM Go - Ảnh 5.

In addition to the classic black color, LG XBOOM Go PL2 has 5 eye-catching colors: Lemon Yellow, Mint Green, Bubble Pink, Watermelon Blue, Cherry Purple.

With Meridian’s sound quality and sophisticated design, LG has universalized high quality sound on portable speakers, something users have been expecting for a long time.

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