Elon Musk’s new gamble: Trying to take advantage of the US Presidential election, repeating history in 2020 on Twitter but receiving 20 minutes of humiliation

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Canh bạc mới của Elon Musk: Định lợi dụng cuộc bầu cử Tổng thống Mỹ, lặp lại lịch sử năm 2020 trên Twitter nhưng nhận về 20 phút bẽ bàng - Ảnh 1.

The New York Times (NYT) reported that billionaire Elon Musk recently held an audio livestream event via Twitter for US Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who is also the Governor of Florida. This would have been a great event to rebuild the image of the Tesla founder as well as the Twitter social network if it weren’t for the 20-minute outage.

Specifically, this event had problems with the recording microphone, the sound was unstable for 20 minutes at the beginning, thereby forcing Elon Musk to pause. Even though the event was replayed with hundreds of thousands of followers afterward, Mr. DeSantis didn’t say a word at the time.

It’s crazy, I’m so sorry ,” Elon Musk said shyly.

Canh bạc mới của Elon Musk: Định lợi dụng cuộc bầu cử Tổng thống Mỹ, lặp lại lịch sử năm 2020 trên Twitter nhưng nhận về 20 phút bẽ bàng - Ảnh 2.

Billionaire Elon Musk and Governor Ron DeSantis

The NYT reported that this incident not only affected Elon Musk’s image but also made his efforts to change Twitter more questionable.

This move of Elon Musk is said to repeat the lesson of 2020 when the candidate for President Donald Trump at that time used the power of social networks such as Twitter instead of traditional election campaigns, thereby succeeding. elect.

Even then, former President Donald Trump regularly used Twitter as an unofficial White House spokesman with many statements-information that appeared before it was officially announced.

Returning to Elon Musk, after the $44 billion deal, the Tesla founder fired 75% of Twitter employees along with an effort to restructure this social network business. DeSantis’s agreement to participate in the livestream is considered one of the opportunities for Elon Musk to promote Twitter and his business restructuring program during the campaign season.

Twitter is a social network that is quite famous in the US political world when many politicians as well as individuals and organizations participate in expressing their views to attract voters.

However, this failure is damaging the reputation of both Elon Musk and candidate DeSantis.

“We had so many participants that the server was overloaded, and this is actually a good sign of public interest in the event,” said event technical lead David Sacks. on trying to make excuses.

Make money from voting

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Elon Musk not only wants to restore Twitter’s position as before, but also intends to take advantage of this election race to make profits for the social network, which is bearing profits. loans up to 1 billion USD/year.

Canh bạc mới của Elon Musk: Định lợi dụng cuộc bầu cử Tổng thống Mỹ, lặp lại lịch sử năm 2020 trên Twitter nhưng nhận về 20 phút bẽ bàng - Ảnh 3.

Specifically, the Tesla founder tried to encourage candidates to participate in Twitter livestreams or debates on the platform.

This time, I have no intention of supporting any particular candidate. But I am hoping to turn Twitter into a platform where livestream events are held or a social network for celebrities to make statements ,” said Elon Musk.

Any candidate who makes a statement on this platform will receive public attention. This is a wise move ,” the Tesla billionaire promoted.

Rebuilding Twitter’s popularity through this election will bring the platform lucrative advertising contracts as well as strengthen confidence in Elon Musk in rebuilding this social network.

As for Governor DeSantis, his campaign team accused his opponents of causing this loss of life and said that despite the difficulties, the livestream still raised more than $ 1 million in donations. in the first 1 hour only.

The WSJ reports that since former President Donald Trump succeeded with his campaign propaganda on social networks, countless platforms have wanted the leader to join their apps to run the upcoming election campaign. next.

It is no secret that everyone wants former President Donald Trump to join his platform. They crave influence as well as his supporters ,” a spokesman for the campaign for candidate Donald Trump told the WSJ.

Former President Donald Trump is currently promoting his own social network called “Truth Social” and has said there is no reason to return to Twitter. But Elon Musk countered that even former President Donald Trump’s posts on Truth Social need to be screen-captured and reposted on Twitter in order for anyone to know.

*Source: NYT, WSJ

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