Elon Musk is concerned that production problems could push the price of each Cybertruck electric pickup up to $ 1 million

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After introducing the prototype at the end of 2019, Tesla seems to have hit a roadblock with the production of the Cybertruck electric pickup.

Elon Musk lo ngại các vấn đề sản xuất có thể đẩy giá mỗi chiếc bán tải điện Cybertruck lên tới 1 triệu USD - Ảnh 1.

After dozens of campaigns and even a parade in New York City, electric car maker Tesla is now facing a major hurdle in the production of its Cybertruck heavy-duty vehicle.

Sharing from the Giga factory in Texas, CEO Elon Musk frankly pointed out the challenges in developing Cybertruck on a large scale. He said that if these challenges cannot be solved, the production cost of each Cybertruck could be up to 1 million USD.

After focusing on electric sedans for a while, Tesla is now focusing on all-electric heavy-duty vehicles. In early May, the company proudly showed off a prototype on the streets of New York.

Despite causing a fever in the media, few people know that the production of this car seems to be stalled. Obviously, producing cars that require a lot of new technology like Cybertruck on a large scale is a lot different than just creating a prototype.

As the patents revealed earlier this year, Cybertruck will come with an armored glass panel, automatic air conditioning system, eye-tracking technology to control the car’s mirrors, etc. However, The problem is that the car has not been able to reach the limited range of over 980km.

To do this, Tesla is innovating with the 4680 battery pack, which is theoretically a lightweight and cost-effective option. However, that is something that has never been done before and requires a lot of innovation on the part of Tesla. Unfortunately, Elon Musk did not disclose when the company will solve these problems.

Elon Musk lo ngại các vấn đề sản xuất có thể đẩy giá mỗi chiếc bán tải điện Cybertruck lên tới 1 triệu USD - Ảnh 2.

Musk also pointed to a global chip shortage that has hampered production progress. The company is currently actively sourcing alternatives and rewriting the firmware to keep up with production, but chip supply remains a major concern for Tesla.

Emphasizing how difficult the manufacturing process is, Musk said that “there are thousands of parts and processes to work. And the faster the growth rate of production, the more risk there is.”

Musk added: “We can make a small number of vehicles but cost effectively. If you only produce a small number of vehicles. They really cost up to $1 million or more.” .

Tesla aims to deliver the Cybertruck by the end of the year. The company has a backup plan using a different structured battery pack to ensure it can fulfill orders.

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