Elon Musk donated $ 100 million to encourage the development of carbon storage technology

Tram Ho

You want to know how billionaires spend money? So head to Twitter to see the latest post from the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX:

– I am donating $ 100 million as an award for best carbon storage technology.

– Details will be available next week.



It seems that in response to America’s return to the Paris Agreement on climate change, Elon Musk is also pouring money into technology to clean the atmosphere. In the past, there have been many ideas about a carbon storage system or special compounds that can store CO2 in a solid form , but there is no breakthrough technology, giving us a more brilliant view of the future. hybrid.

Musk’s investment of millions in an award for carbon storage technology could be a significant boost in the development of new technology.

Musk further elaborates on this intention as follows:

This is a good pathway for renewable rocket power, so that partially solves the problem, but still needs hydrocarbon chains longer than CH4 for them to survive in solid form at room temperature.


We can’t wait to see what a cool thing Musk will bring up next week.

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Source : Genk