Elon Musk bitterly admits, self-driving car technology is completely harder than I thought

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When being teased by many Tesla owners about the fact that the electric car company once again could not launch a fully self-driving program for its cars, CEO Elon Musk had to admit a difficult truth. bear: it turns out that self-driving is a much more difficult problem than he thought it would be.

Before that, Mr. Musk had repeatedly predicted wrongly about when the fully self-driving system in Tesla cars could be on the market.

Elon Musk cay đắng thừa nhận, công nghệ xe tự lái hoàn toàn khó hơn mình tưởng - Ảnh 1.

It was originally supposed to launch in 2018, then pushed back to 2019, and in recent years Musk has become more cautious when talking about fully self-driving capabilities in Tesla cars. Now, even Mr Musk is referring to a “complete feature” system that still relies on driver attention but could lead to true self-driving with data showing it’s safer. compared to humans.

This “feature-complete” system is Tesla’s beta Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature and has been extended to some early adopters. However, the program has slowed down in recent months.

Elon Musk cay đắng thừa nhận, công nghệ xe tự lái hoàn toàn khó hơn mình tưởng - Ảnh 2.

The next big step for this program is the FSD v9 beta, a version that Musk promised a while ago but hasn’t shown up yet.

This version will incorporate Tesla Vision, a new computer vision system from Tesla that uses cameras entirely instead of reading data from radar sensors. While this update has been delayed several times, Musk recently said it should arrive “no later than June”.

Last month, Tesla rolled out an additional update to Tesla Vision for Autopilot on Model 3 and Model y vehicles, but it has yet to bring the system to the FSD beta.

Most recently on June 22, Musk also said that the FSD v9 update is only two weeks away, but that deadline has long passed and there is still no new update for the self-driving feature. this.

Elon Musk cay đắng thừa nhận, công nghệ xe tự lái hoàn toàn khó hơn mình tưởng - Ảnh 3.

That was the beginning of a guy on Twitter joking about naming his car “two weeks” – or 2 weeks. That forced Mr. Musk to admit the uncomfortable truth on:

FSD 9 beta is coming soon. I swear! General self-driving is a tough problem and it requires solving a large part of real-world problems with AI. I don’t think so either. it was so difficult, but looking back, that difficulty is obvious .”

It is unclear whether Mr. Musk will keep his promise this time.

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