Ecosia – search engine “greening the Earth” has successfully planted the 100 millionth tree

Tram Ho

Ecosia - công cụ tìm kiếm phủ xanh Trái Đất vừa trồng thành công cây thứ 100 triệu - Ảnh 1.

In 11 years of operation, the Ecosia search engine converts the majority of its revenue from advertising into a “crop” unit. This July saw a major milestone, for both Ecosia and the Earth’s ecosystem: they just planted the 100 millionth tree.

People began to pay attention to mass planting in the late 20th century, when around the 2000s, scientists realized that we could reduce the impact of the continuous CO2 emissions by planting efforts. As many trees as possible. Since that time, many countries with many green projects have created billions of new trees.

Ecosia concentrates on development in countries with high biodiversity, where species’ survival depends heavily on the density of trees. For example, in 2018, Ecosia founded an incubator project in Madagascar, creating 200,000 trees that cover a corridor linking a remote residential area to the sea. In 2019, they developed an agricultural project associated with green forests in Borneo, preventing locals from selling forest land to businesses to create oil palm plantations.

The impact of the catastrophic wildfire in the Amazon not so long ago has caused a huge increase in the number of Ecosia application downloads, allowing them to have enough capital to set up a project to plant 3 million trees in Brazil. Ecosia also contributed to the regeneration of local vegetation in Australia after the forest fire disaster.

Ecosia - công cụ tìm kiếm phủ xanh Trái Đất vừa trồng thành công cây thứ 100 triệu - Ảnh 2.

Last year, Ecosia celebrated the feat of successfully planting 50 million trees. Yet after only one year, the number of good news has doubled.

On its blog, Ecosia wrote: “ 100 million trees resist the climate crisis by removing about 1771 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every day, but the significance is even greater. 100 million trees means the habitat for animals in danger. It is meant to create healthier rivers, higher regional biodiversity, better soil, more food for local communities . ”

Besides tree planting projects, Ecosia has its own solar stations capable of providing 200% of the power they need to load the server. Ecosia insists it will never sell the company, saying that apart from Mother Earth, no one will be able to “get rich” from their efforts.

You can install the Ecosia extension for Chrome by following this link.

You can also download Ecosia on your phone with the following two links, corresponding to both Android and iOS operating systems.

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